Almanac Teams: The ultimate Adelaide Oval Ashes performers

Dave Brown lines up the best Ashes performances at Adelaide Oval. Who knew England had so many left arm finger spinners? And what is the correct number of Arthurs for an Australian team?

The radical shake-up Shield cricket needs

Scana sees problems in Australian domestic cricket, namely the lack of interest and talent in the Sheffield Shield. With the success of Australian cricket in mind, he outlines his plan for the rise of the Shield. Has he got it right?

Almanac Cricket: BBL Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars

NickTheStatsGuy steps beyond statistics, bringing us words and pictures to illustrate Saturday’s Big Bash League Melbourne derby. And even his 3-2-1 votes.

Almanac Cricket: The BBL and Test Cricket

The voice of youth as Paddy Grindlay reflects upon the lessons to be drawn from the summer of cricket thus far and argues for more day/night tests please, Cricket Australia

England cricket, May 2015: the tying of oneself in knots

E Regnans tries to make sense of the recent goings on in English cricket. As he’s tapping, away the Poms fall to 4/30 at Lord’s against New Zealand. To what topics have the conversations turned in the hallowed halls of the egg and bacon brigade. What of this man Pietersen?

An open letter from the residents of Canberra to Kevin Pietersen

KP’s popularity rating should have him ideally suited to a stint in Canberra. The locals have their reservations however…

Narcissism is a terrible fate

Matt Watson thinks that Kevin Pietersen’s sacking comes down to a loss of trust between himself and all levels of English cricket.

Blame Pietersen

Matt Watson thinks that Kevin Pietersen is being made a whipping boy for all that is wrong inside the England test team.

Melbourne Test – Day 3 : Is that what KP would do?

Mick Jeffrey asks the English batting lineup “what would Kevin Pietersen do?” Perhaps “what would Jesus do” is the right question?

Melbourne Test – Day 2: Think.

Rulebook Ashwood, with his trademark analysis, wonders about the thinking of many involved in the administering tha game and playing in this Boxing Day Test.

Perth Test – Day 2: There’s Only One Eric Bristow

John Harms watches as the Poms try to arrest their drastic decline, and remembers a low-point in English history. [Includes one of the better descriptions of Warney’s Ball of the Century-Ed]

So Brisbane’s Bloody Boring is it Mate?

Archie Butterfly has been on the angry pills, and he’s taking dead aim at KP’s sledging of his beloved BrisVegas.

Fifth Test – Day 3: England drop anchor, drag the chain

England is a good side, but not a great side. The sobering realisation must be that we currently trail that good but not great side 3-0.

Fourth Test – The Lyon roars

Snubbed for the first two Tests of the Ashes, Nathan Lyon took 4/42 against the Poms.

Third Test – Day 3: Is it possible to like KP?

John Harms spends the night on the couch to see the Australians fight it out, and does not change his view of Kevin Pietersen.

Middle Australia comments

Come on, we’re all thinking it, Middle Australia has the guts to say it: Franklin doing a Le Bron; the silence at Subiaco; men playing netball; Mick Malthouse. You know it makes sense.

The Middle Australia Report

Middle Australia (The Editor and The Chairman) have been writing their Friday afternoon sports report for years and distributing it to their band of keen email followers. They are confident that they are ready for to bring it to the world. Here is the first instalment with its comment on cycling and cricket.