Glenn Maxwell, the Man Cricket Doesn’t Deserve

Possibly cricket’s greatest enigma, and entertainer, Glenn Maxwell is certainly one of a kind as Nick F explains.

Round 19 – Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide: The Other Big Freeze

Braving the freezing Ballarat temperatures, Nick/Claire Fredriksson journeyed watch the Bulldogs-Power game. Here’s her match report.

Round 12 – St Kilda v Sydney: Taking Pride

The Pride Game means a lot to Nick Fredrikkson. He explains why.

Round 10 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Fade away

Nick Fredriksson and his grandfather head off to Etihad for what is an entertaining game – for a while. But what happened after half-time?

Round 22 – Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide: Not the Best First Date

The first AFL game in Ballarat brought celebrations and excitement – everything but the result Dogs fans wanted. Nick Fredriksson reports.

Almanac (BBL) Cricket: A Day At BBL06 (and WBBL02)

Nickthestatsguy spends an evening at the MCGfor the women’s and Men’s BBL game, and to visit the MCC Library and Museum. Nick really does love his stats.[Looking forward to more from Nick as he enjoys the school holidays – Ed]

Season 2016 Predictions – In Review

Nickthestatsguy was game enough to review his 2016 predictions. How did you go with yours?

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: Cold Nights, Hot Dogs

A Doggies win over the pies warms the soul on a chilly Friday night. Or was it the chilli dog?

The Final Stretch III – At The End of the Road

Nick the Stats Guy hangs them up and goes out (kind of) on top.

Junior Footy: The Final Stretch II – Going Out On A High

Nick continues his story, this time overcoming a nasty case of nerves to help his team into the finals.

The Final Stretch I: Casting Out into the Unknown

Cold hands, potato cakes and muddy grounds. Nick the Stats Guy reflects on his career as a junior footballer.

Round 10 – Collingwood v W Bulldogs: A Comedy of Errors

In family tradition, Nickthestatsguy and his grandad venture to the MCG to watch their respective teams

Season 2016 AFL Predictions (Like There Aren’t Enough Already)

Neckthestatsguy has looked into the crystal ball and crunched some numbers . The 2016 footy season predictions

NAB Challenge | Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Not Bad for the Pre-Season

Nickthestats guy is primed for the season if Doggies v Pies game is the standard

Almanac Cricket: BBL Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars

NickTheStatsGuy steps beyond statistics, bringing us words and pictures to illustrate Saturday’s Big Bash League Melbourne derby. And even his 3-2-1 votes.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Heartbreak in September (Again)

Nick the Stats Guy reports on a shattering finals loss for Dogs fans.