Melbourne Test – Day 2: Think.

England 255

Pietersen 71 Carberry 38  Johnson 5/63 Harris 2/47

Aust 9/164

Rogers 61 Haddin 43 no Broad 3/30 Anderson 3/50 Bresnan 2/24

Day 2 ends with England well on top. A poor batting performance by Australia which had the seeds sown by the decision to allow players to play in the Big Bash with the statement made this wouldn’t have happened if the Ashes hadn’t been decided.

Well what a load of  CRAP. Isn’t a Boxing Day test match a big enough event in itself. Geez the attendance of 168000 in two days let alone the tv audience is proof of that !

The attitude and preparation then came across in Warner’s shot selection. Watto’s technique again let him down getting his hands in front yet again trying to hit the ball too hard. He only thinks boundaries. Yep, reasonable ball but you could have driven a truck between bat and pad.

Smith got tied down, got frustrated, went too hard at the ball. In Perth they bowled too short at him. Here he needed to score more singles .

Bailey was exposed again in the crunch. Yes, I am biased, but I firmly believe Ferguson is the best all rounded player to bat  6, and he was well-coached as a youngster especially running between wickets.

Rogers then played a poor shot and we were exposed.

Haddin went in with the amazing stat that he has scored the most runs from either side, batting at 7, continued his amazing summer being the only player from either side to score freely. Alas no-one could hang around with him in a meaningful way to form a partnership

The day had started beautifully for Australia with Johnson’s pace too much for  Bresnan then ,
Pietersen played a shot which made Pembrokes super-star, Smacko, look like Bradman. Broad was yorked (LBW-yorked) again by Johnson

Harris bowled superbly yet again. How the Redbacks let him go is incompetent. The SACA administration remind me of Fonzie out of
Happy Days. They can’t say the word wrong !

Harris was also let down by poor fielding with Coulter Ray Ray Nile’s mistake costing  Harris and  Australia dearly when Pietersen was only 7 .

Johnson again destroyed their tail but on the day it was a reality check our batting is brittle and relies too much on  Clarke .

Is it the wicket or poor batting by both sides ?  (Haddin didn’t think it was the wicket.

Where are the singles – even the mere  thought process of working the ball ?

Will Australia fight back ? We will see.


  1. Peter Schumacher says

    I absolutely could not understand why players in the current team were allowed to play in the sub sub standard version of the game. Had to mess with their minds.

  2. Good summary Rulebook. Batting looks brittle maybe Hughes and klinger would sure it up. This test match is England’s to lose now. First time Aussie bowlers have not had any time to out the feet up and with shania not bowling I think it will show.

  3. I am not convinced by the Australian batting line up-too many flakey players. They have all made runs but it has been against an opposition who is without much fight. Smith if flashy, Bailey not technically up to it, Watson not the right fit for 3. Without Haddin who has scored 50+ in every innings he has batted bar one the results would be different.
    South Africa series will be a tough test as they play our style of cricket, hopefully they take a couple of young batsmen to groom them for the future. Ps how klingers has not been given any opportunity at the top level in any format is terrible

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hi guys unlike ,Aust batting I am going well selling the good book aka , The Footy Almanac on seeing the surgeon for a follow up visit sold him a copy and a mechanic re small prob fixed in 5 min did not charge but bought a copy ,also ran in to a guy I new who was walking his dog had a copy with me bingo another sale !
    How Klinger has not had any opportunities in any format is mind blowing

  5. Crisp

  6. Even the commentators have misunderstood test cricket now. Look at their criticism if Michael Carberry this morning (but another slow scoring left handed opener bill lawry no less). Carberry is holding his end up & supporting cook. He values his wicket highly and has frustrated the Aussie bowlers toiling away on a hot day. This could well set up Pieterson etc to score more freely. His is doing a good job for his team and after all cricket is a team game

  7. Appalling batting on day 2 by a side that showed poor understanding of test cricket. When opposition has 255 on board play them with respect until you get close to their score. Clarke’s mindblowingly appalling and arrogant decision to bowl is only rivalled by his decision to leave a straight one. Gave the visitors a chance to get in front for once and Aussies have crumbled under pressure with the bat. Hopefully the bowlers can again retrieve the situation to avoid losing to a dispirited divided opposition.

  8. Agreed re brittle top order saved once again by Haddin, Pieterson letting down eng after getting to 71 and Harris being let go by SA. Also agree with the comment about the commentators crapping on ad nauseum once again. Aus still right in it though as England’s top order are once again showing they are as brittle as Australia’s but without the middle and lower order to save them like Australia’s do.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Good points Malcolm. Warner batted like he was still playing for the Sydney Thunder.

    Have seen some Facebook photos of D.Atchia in the bar in the MCC members today. Apparently they let anyone in now….

  10. Mickey Randall says

    Whilst the Ashes are safely ours many questions remain about our batting. South Africa will provide a more searching examination even without Kallis. Telling analysis as always Malcolm. Good job.

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Spot on Diggers Sean and Mickey yes Luke a disgrace mind you if the Terrorist puts as much do rey me over th bar as he did in , Adelaide it would be a great result for the
    Victorian economy

  12. Steve Baker says

    Ahhh Rulebook!

    Nail… hammer… head, hit!!!!

    The to-and-froms snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (Sent at 5.59pm day trois)

  13. Not sure about your assessment of Ferguson Rulebook. Good player, but a bit short of the mark (and you sound like us Victorians bashing the selectors over forsaking Brad Hodge.) The other stuff, though, is spot on. Thanks for incisive analysis.

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    A amazing and terrible collapse it is our game to lose , Ferg is a very good player unfortunately did his knee his weakness is not turning starts in too hundreds he is not on his , Pat Malone there . while we all have a go at ,Claekes communication skills ,
    Pointing can not escape he had a huge part in , Hodge and , Kreja at least not playing more , Test Cricket Thanks T bone and Steve B

  15. G’day Rulebook. Strange game. Strange wicket. How many times before in MCG Tests have we heard the commentators going on about the good wicket and the poor shot selections. There must be something in this pitch. Two paced. Some batsmen played poor shots, others just got out when the ball didn’t come onto the bat.

    Day 4 should be fascinating. I reckon another 60 from Rogers could be the key. The shot makers will struggle.

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hard to argue with you , Dips may be it is a easier wicket to bat on when the ball is new really liked , Rogers at the end of the day seemed to bat with a bit more intent and was trying to knock the ball in to the gaps for more 1s and 2s agreed he could be the key tomorrow but in relation to the , 2 and froms batting today yes , Lyons flight and his release and action v good enabling the bounce but there shot selection made , Watto look like a rocket scientist . DIABOLICAL surely if we bat with common sense we win but with our batting that is not a sure thing
    For a bit of personal indulgence cracked the biggest number in world sport which all
    Ad Uni FC folk no is , 130 , Bob Neils. Number of sales of the good book aka , Footy
    Almanac today . Go The Knackery !

  17. Rulebook

    On Fergusons running between the wickets, well no one but no one runs better the wickets better than him. I wonder which elite coaching academy we can thank for that?

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    T Bone Ferg was in the state primary school , 2nd side note that he did not make the ,
    1st side my nephew , James Tisato was in that side also . Callum was small at that age and got run out a couple of times at which I asked his father , Jim if I could grab Callum and take him for a couple of running between the wickets lessons he was a great kid and wanted to listen and learn . I have done some coaching with him since with
    Australian Sports Camps it helps when he tells the kids I coached him when he was a kid have always kept in contact with him regularly he helps out with charities and with a fund raising night for , Charles Brice a mate who has been left a quadriplegic after a accident . Ferg is a quality bloke

  19. Always liked Callum, Rulebook. Hope all the good work you’ve put into his running between wickets pays off him when his chance comes in the National team. Good on ya for your input into developing juniors.

  20. Shayne Shepherdson says

    Good summary.
    Our batting does rely to much on Clarke in general, and our goose would have been cooked this series without Haddin’s continued heroics.
    Harris should be rested in Sydney…

  21. Is Book, is good – spot on!

  22. Good analysis Mal. And (surprisingly) the first time I have ever been compared to Bradman!

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Smack your , 0 no in I a , 43 run partnership to win the game last year against
    Wood Rech put that bloke called what’s his name , Bradman to shame

  24. Well smacko does use a bat that I reckon Bradman must have left in the change room at Kensi CC.. totally agree that warner still had his 20 20 hat on. Maybe he had someone waiting…

  25. Troy Hancox says

    Good read, a bit late to comment as the test is over.
    England did snatch a loss out of the jaws of victory!!
    THEY ARE SHOT…. CONFIDENCE IS KEY to ANY SPORT… THEY ARE DEFLATED. IT MUST BE 5-0. They may as well throw Hales into the squad….. After all, Aussies have thrown BAILEY in.

    I may wish i never just typed this. “Bailey yet to proove himself a TEST batsmen”.
    TEST- Test of patience, Stamina, Concentration!

    A bit like Prem League Opener batsmen P Duffett showed a few years ago. (Like Clarke) over 1k runs in a season….. (10 innings if you like)


    Sorry, small dig. Saw a few shazzams at Matheson Reserve a few eeks ago mate.

    PS. thanks for the Almanac. great read. Also, just baited the 3/0 triple ganged hook!

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Troy yes the wreckers clearly outplayed us a few weeks ago ! Wish Duff had worked out his game when he was younger far worse players than , Duff have played state cricket . Good luck with the fishing , Troy

  27. Troy Hancox says

    Yes for sure!!
    should of played higher than second 11.

    need to get the boat wet.

    Good luck with the rest of the season, gotta catch up at the Hackney for a frothie soon!

  28. I think day 2 was pure complacency creeping in and Boof got them back on track after that. 4-nil!

  29. Troy Hancox says

    Sydney test match will be very interesting indeed.
    How bad do the Aussies want a 5 nil pantsing of the motherland??

  30. Agree mostly with Matt in terms of complacency – but I think most of all it showed how badly England had played up until then with the same scenario (leave it to Hads) happening in most of the summer’s test innings so far. South Africa and India would have exposed us when we wobbled, but England continue to miss their opportunities and when they get their noses in front start looking behind them.

    I am looking forward to the SA tour to see if this squad has benefited from the continued opportunities that England have given them to establish the sense of team that comes from a winning streak. It will all come down in a screaming heap very quickly with Steyn/Morkel/Philander if they don’t. Still – enjoying it while it lasts, and fingers/toes/everything crossed that Harris (who seems destined to be selected despite all the warning signs) doesn’t break down over the next 5 days and stuff up our chances of beating the Proteas.

    Have been very disappointed with Ferguson not knocking down the selectors’ doors through sheer weight of runs – one S/S ton this summer and an average of 72 (top for S Aust) is good but not enough obviously to pip Doolan for a chance, and I can’t blame the selectors there. Ferguson was unlucky to be injured when he did, and I too hope he does get a chance again – but only when he has the kind of season Hayden and Lehmann had before they got their second/third chances. I kind of like the idea of earning your spot because that way, when you finally do get your chance, you are more likely to grab it with both hands. Doolan is a better option right now because if he succeeds, then great – but if he fails it won’t hurt him or Australia. I was really hoping Bailey would succeed at #6 but sadly I don’t think he’ll be able to handle the Proteas bowling if he can’t negotiate Broad/Anderson in conditions that don’t favour them as much as in the UK.

  31. Never in doubt, perhaps a few brain fades but they got back on track to be convincing again.

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