Almanac (Finals) Memoir: A few days in September

An epic debut from Kangaroo Island resident (and Tiger fan) Jeremy Wells. You’ve waited more than 30 years for the Tigers to make a Grand Final, and the slim prospect of a ticket suddenly beckons. What would you do to claim it?

Outraged of Richmond

Wippet’s passionate about THAT Grand Final win and watching it on repeat until the c(r)ows come home. He has some ideas for Talking Tigers.

Almanac Family and Footy: My dear Uncle’s Jacket

This is a wonderful story of family and the passing of time – and a jacket and a grand final. Haje Halabi pays respect to his father and two uncles and is given a jacket. [An Almanac Classic – Ed]

Yellow and Black Heart – An open letter to Richmond FC

The Tigers flag is the gift which keeps on giving. Damian Gibson pens an open letter to the Richmond Football Club.

Grand Final Reflection: Tears for the Tigers

There was something different about this year’s Tigers. Right from the very start

Raving Rulebook No 8

Rulebook lives !!! This week he tees off on the AFL re State Leagues, laments footy politics, lauds Richmond, proposes a radical finals series, praises the Storm, queries the Socceroos, says g’day to Ben Stokes and gives the footy media a huge bake.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: If You Ain’t First You’re Last

Ben Footner, still trying to make sense of the Crows’ Grand Final loss, turns to Will Ferrell for inspiration.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Why we left three empty seats at the Grand Final

Thirty-seven years of heartbreak have come to an end for long-time Richmond supporter Joe De Petro, as his Tigers prevailed against the Crows to win the premiership cup.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: A week where Richmond went from a joke to kings of the AFL

Tiger fan Vaughan Menlove recounts his Grand Final day.

Turnbull Stakes Day Preview – Winx, Winx, Say no more

Sal Ciardulli wraps up the Grand Final and previews Turnbull Stakes and Spring Champions Stakes Days

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: What the #$%^ was that!!

Another very happy Tiger, Steven Widdop explains what happened on Grand Final day and why, in his first Almanac article. [Welcome Wippet – Ed.]

The Killers at The Taminga

Mickey’s musings on Grand Final entertainment and music as a whole. The Killers, good. Meatloaf, for the most part, good. U2, a few decades ago, great. P!nk, well…

Grand Final Reflection: The day that my Tigers were playing a Grand Final

Playing in the Grand Final seemed unlikely enough for Henry Hornsby. Well, winning it, another thing entirely

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: The Little Things

For Patrick Emery, three specific moments in the Grand Final encapsulate Richmond’s season, and the glory of its unexpected victory.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Like the Tigers of Old

Noel McPhee asks “What just happened?”

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Jubilant Relief

For Paddy Grindlay and his family, “the weight of disappointment and humilation, year upon year” is finally over.

My Premiership, Tipping and Brownlow Prediction Results

Aidan Hammond reviews his 2017 predictions after his mega year of footy. How did they stack up?

Success has brought life back to traditional roots

The past two seasons have seen premierships for the Western Bulldogs and Richmond Tigers which has caused disbelief from the football community, and their fans. Jake Rachwalski looks at what these wins have done for the suburbs involved as well as footy on the whole.

The Fall and Rise of the Richmond Empire

Peter Baulderstone has been in too many churches and museums across Spain and Portugal in the last month. The advance of the Tiger Empire reminds him of a Swords and Sandals Epic.

A Little Bit Mad

Kate Birrell prepares for the Grand Final. The one that Richmond, yes, Richmond is in