FEARLESS 2019 Round 3 – 666…so far so good; It’s definitely opened up the game.

Another round of high-octane footy made for a tipster’s nightmares and trademark Fearless analysis.

Round 3 – Collingwood v West Coast: The Grand Final Rematch (a screenplay in three parts)

West Coast Dave Bruce and son West Coast Aidan travel from Canberra for a footy weekend. They are happy with the experience, the result and the quality of footy as Dave’s report explains. Some very astute observations too.

AFLM Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Not Our Night

For the Richmond faithful, watching on as the umpire crosses his arms and uncrosses them again for the sake of theatre, you can only avert your eyes, remind yourself it’s round two, and gently proclaim, “it’s just not been our night.”