Almanac Football: The Asterisk

The asterisk is a symbol that can stand in for something left out. David Bruce discusses its application and meaning in the context of the 2020 season in the time of Covid-19.

AFL 2019: What happens when you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete in the AFL?

An unpredictable season? Having trouble with your tipping? David Bruce suspects the AFL’s suite of rule changes has effectively hit Control-Alt-Delete on proceedings.

Round 3 – Collingwood v West Coast: The Grand Final Rematch (a screenplay in three parts)

West Coast Dave Bruce and son West Coast Aidan travel from Canberra for a footy weekend. They are happy with the experience, the result and the quality of footy as Dave’s report explains. Some very astute observations too.

Preliminary Final – West Coast v North Melbourne: Nervous about not being nervous

West Coast Dave and his son West Coast Aidan get their Eagles over the line from the downstairs bar-room of their Canberra home. [Delightful father-son tale. I think Aidan is 10 – Ed]

AFL Round 8 – West Coast v North Melbourne: 27 seconds

This game was billed as the Nic Nat and Majak Show, but it was the big West Coast Eagle that stole the spotlight.

AFL Round 3 – GWS Giants v St.Kilda: The Giants are a bowl of soup

Superb analysis by Aidan Bruce, showing his dad, West Coast Dave and a fair proportion of the footy community, that over-analysis is overrated.

West Coast Dave in Adelaide – Session 3 Update

Dave Bruce at the Adelaide Oval and will be updating this report throughout Day 1. It’s the sort of inscrutable omen that rather permeates test cricket, but I walked into Adelaide Oval this morning in the company of four rather muscular smurfs, each of whom then bought a copy of the program as though to [Read more]

A different rhythm

There is a different rhythm watching test cricket in WA.  It isn’t because of the weather or the people or even magnetic anomalies caused by large hunks of underground iron – it’s because it starts at 7.30 in the morning.  I grew up here, so there is a familiarity to the experience.  I can’t say [Read more]

In Success Lies Stress

West Coast v Essendon Patterson’s Stadium Sat 20 August 2011, round 22 By West Coast Dave   Thursday:  This is driving me mad.  In 1997 Adelaide came from behind at three quarter time in the last game of the year, and I beat JTH to the University of Queensland footy tipping comp grandé prize by [Read more]

Kildare v Derry

Croke Park, Dublin 4pm Sat Jul 23   By David Bruce   For just about the first time since we arrived in Ireland a week ago it’s not raining.  In fact, it’s a gorgeous morning, almost warm, as the kids and I make our way via playgrounds and a series of minor falls to Croke [Read more]

No Ball!

Dravid ct Hayden Bwld Johnson (no ball): From boxing day 2007. Johnson had tied Dravid down for ages by bowling wide of off stump, but then lured him into a rash shot with a slightly closer ball only for it to be a no ball. The only Australian fieldsman not in the shot was fine [Read more]

Snooker break

Photo by David Bruce Trevor Ayres breaking in 2007. This photo was accepted into the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s main annual exhibition, the South West Survey, in 2007. As a response to Adam’s comment, the best David could do was have Roger Waters pay a visit. Then he decided to take the tone a little [Read more]

Four ponderings and a conjectural (the State of the Game)

Footy seems to have changed in 2011, and at this early stage it seems mostly for the better. I don’t just say that because this year the Eagles look worthy of holding a spot in the top 16, but it helps. Saturday night’s game between West Coast and Sydney was a thoroughly engaging and entertaining [Read more]

Accuracy in reporting

Good to see that the Vics have survived the summer. First non-game of the year, and the ‘reporting’ in The Age is: “Two goals to Lisle and one each to Schneider and Menegola brought them within three points, but misses to Brent Renouf and Brendan Whitecross robbed them of a win.” Some people would call that [Read more]

Call the cops?

A mistake obviously. But also a revelation of true opinions about the dominance of the Rog/Raffa show? Would a Federer loss to anyone else really loot the tournament? Picture courtesy of Dave Bruce

Putting it in context

by Dave Bruce Pleasingly, Monday’s game against the PM’s XI where the Poms got 3 for 225 was only the fourth worst day that an Australian team has had against England on this tour, which is not a bad result at all. Even better, there were five other days that are arguably as bad or [Read more]

Bullet dodged, England dominate

by Dave Bruce I got up this morning to the rather surprising news that England had won the toss and were bowling.  Even more surprisingly, Ponting said that Australia were going to bowl if they’d won the toss.  It sounded like two guys who were concerned that their batting line-ups couldn’t be trusted in less [Read more]

Coming to Melbourne to see the Eagles

It’s fair to say that 2010 was a year that didn’t inspire me to go to Melbourne to see the Eagles.  However, just once I decided to make the investment and fly down from chilly, rainy Canberra and make my way to an iconic Melbourne sporting venue to do just that. I’d actually been watching [Read more]

Throwing away the script

by Dave Bruce The story of what passed for Day 4 of the 3rd test in Perth was that Australia polished off the last five demoralised and unmotivated English batsmen in 10 quick overs to close out a win that was all but assured at the start of the day. However, I reckon there was [Read more]

Choose your own ending

In Australia there are few truly sacred rituals and days, but I defy anyone reading this to say that the first day of the first test isn’t one of them.  On other websites this might be a dangerous, or at least provocative, assertion, but I feel I am on solid ground here at But [Read more]