Off the beaten ‘Track’

Earlier this year I visited one of the most incredible, scary and bizarre places on earth. You may have heard of it, it’s a wonderful land called India. Yes, that’s right, India. Snake charmers, Hinduism, busy, dirty, cow worshipping India. I spent one week in India, (Mumbai and Goa) and one week in Sri Lanka [Read more]

On the road for the Footy Almanac

  by Richard Naco Cometh the September school holidays, cometh the family holiday in September.  Always the wrong time of the year, always taking me away at Grand Final time.  (Last year it was as far away as New Zealand, which is a lovely bit of countryside but hardly AFL heartland.)   Except this year. [Read more]

The Tyranny of Football Distance

There was an interesting article in The Weekend Australian on Saturday by Mick Malthouse, in which he looked at the procession of retiring players that can occur at this time of year, the impact on clubs when they lose a core of experience simultaneously, and how different clubs have managed the process. Significantly, he compared [Read more]