Almanac Travel: 24 photos from four days in West Glacier

En route to Montreal, Ian Wilson made a stop over at one of the USA’s lesser known – but not lesser in grandeur – national parks, West Glacier.

It’s a beautiful life.

What goes around comes around (or sometimes, comes back up) and for Dips, as he reminisces about his first big travel adventure, he is mindful of his petrified parents’ and bundle of emotions for his own kids, who now choose to wander…

Almanac Travel: 20 Photos from 3 Days in Seattle

Ian Wilson recently visited the home of grunge, Microsoft and a modern coffee culture – but also so much more.

Almanac (Overseas) Life: Milano parkrun

Mickey is in Milano and enters the parkrun. He finds it’s a little different to his usual experience at the Patawalonga. Claire was there to cheer him on.

Almanac Travel: Three Tassie Hikes

Claire and Mickey continue their tour of Tasmania. This time they’re appreciating the thrills (and the odd terror) of bushwalking.

Almanac (Travel) Book Review: ‘The One That Got Away’ by Ken Haley

Ken Haley journeyed through the Caribbean as Covid-19 was taking hold across the world, and documented his travels in “The One That Got Away”. Smokie reviews the book here.

Does anyone remember Venice?

Paul Spinks has vague memories of an epic Venetian footy match amidst his first trip beyond our shores – did it ever really happen? Does the clash continue to this day? [Folklore worthy of Livy, Marco Polo and Casanova – Ed.]

The centre circle

The centre circle, where Paul stands among long shadows and watches the sky grow dark. Where his breathing slows, and his fingers freeze. Where his soul arrives without a sound and settles at his feet, and he knows he is home again. That’s what football does to you.

Almanac music: lost in Berlin

Debut Stereo Story by NIDA student Clare Hennessy about being all at sea in Berlin, and about Now At Last I Know by Feist. Visit our partner site Stereo Stories. Coming up over the next few weeks: stories about songs by Disclosure, Bon Iver and Tom Waits.

Almanac on Tour – British Open and the Ashes.

2015 promises to be a big year in sport. We were eyeing off a trip to the British Open and the Ashes, and would love to gauge the interest of Almanackers to come along!

Icey poles and Carlton Cold: the hospitality of a Wiligi Swan

Brian Corcoran and his family journey from leafy Buckinghamshire to remote Arnhem Land to take in the spirit of the land, and meet Reuben Cooper, a man who embodies both aboriginal royalty and footy royalty. (A wonderfully uplifting read – Ed.)

Dipping a toe in the bucket

Sporting bucket lists – we all have one. GlennB, our man in Kentucky, shares his Australian bucket list and calls for us Aussies to outline our American versions.

Aussie Rules: The World Game

Aussie Rules is truly the World Game, says Dips O’Donnell.

On the road for the Footy Almanac

  by Richard Naco Cometh the September school holidays, cometh the family holiday in September.  Always the wrong time of the year, always taking me away at Grand Final time.  (Last year it was as far away as New Zealand, which is a lovely bit of countryside but hardly AFL heartland.)   Except this year. [Read more]