Fix the World Cup, save ODIs

Our economics correspondent in Washington DC, Brad Carr, comes up with a better structure for the next Cricket World Cup. Is anybody listening or does having India flog the minnows on a regular basis serve the sponsors interests nicely?

The WACA Hits Its ‘Used By’ Date

Brad Carr tells it like it is about the disgrace that is the WACA crowd ‘facilities’, and the shambles of WA sporting administration (and government in general).

Brownlow Medal: A banker’s guide

CBA’s economists have run their model on who will win the Brownlow.

AFL Round 22 – Collingwood v West Coast: Bunches of criminals

By his own admission, Brad Carr is too old, too unfit and too slow to play for the West Coast Eagles. Or so he thought. After Friday’s performance, he’s sure he would fit right in.

AFL Round 1 – Fremantle vs West Coast: Brothers carrying chips

West Coast supporter Brad Carr helps all those in the eastern states understand the dynamic of a derby. (Although he still finds it hard to get inside the head of Freo fans.)

Imagine: a world without Essendon

The Essendon steroids scandal presents a rare opportunity, says Brad Carr. An opportunity to make massive in-roads into the hate that resides in our community, by getting rid of Essendon.

Olympic objectivity, deliberate or otherwise

The Olympics can draw out many emotions, but to me this year, I actually found them to be… ‘strangely refreshing’. I took a bit longer than normal to get warmed up for the games this time. Perhaps it was because I went to Sydney and to the Vancouver Winter games, whereas this was always just [Read more]

Amidst the gloom, an ironclad great

I am in a deep malaise today. Part of it is the reality of being back in cold, old Melbourne, and the lingering sense of post-holiday depression after a terrific 3 weeks with my wife and baby son in mid-20s temperatures in Italy. But more so, it’s the “how close” world of football. As far [Read more]

The Winds of Economic Change

  These are turbulent times in the global economy. Depending on who you listen to, we are still in the midst of the GFC; or, the GFC ended but we are now on the cusp of GFC Mark II; China’s growth is either teetering or marching on; and the European sovereign debt crisis is threatening [Read more]

Cities Bicker as One-Day Withers

Cities Bicker as One-Day Withers   There was a report in The Age on Saturday about a looming Sydney-Melbourne stoush over who should get to host the final of the 2015 one-day Cricket World Cup. The article indicated that the NSW cricket establishment reckon it’s “their turn” to host (after Melbourne hosted the 1992 final), [Read more]

An International Disgrace

I very nearly put pen to paper a week ago to vent my disgust at the Australian International Rules team. I’m not going to let the second consecutive Friday night pass.   I’m a big believer in the concept. I went to a great Test at the WACA as a kid, and had a terrific [Read more]

From the Folly of Subiaco to Greener Pastures

By Brad Carr In last year’s Almanac, I wrote up the Round 7 game between West Coast and Hawthorn, and I referred to Subiaco Oval as “what sadly remains the worst stadium in the AFL”. In the course of editing the book, Paul Daffey picked up on this point, and asked that I elaborate on [Read more]

The Tyranny of Football Distance

There was an interesting article in The Weekend Australian on Saturday by Mick Malthouse, in which he looked at the procession of retiring players that can occur at this time of year, the impact on clubs when they lose a core of experience simultaneously, and how different clubs have managed the process. Significantly, he compared [Read more]

Winter Olympics: The buzz around Whistler

by Brad Carr I had an amazing few days at the Olympics. I’m now continuing my ski-trip up in Alaska, but tinged with a little bit of regret that I didn’t schedule myself a longer stint at the Games. The main thing about the Olympics is the excited, euphoric mood that engulfs it. Forget the [Read more]

Winter Olympics: A rundown on what to look forward to at Vancouver

By Brad Carr I’m writing this in Everett, on the northern outskirts of Seattle. Best known as the site of the Boeing wide-bodied jet factory (which, incidentally, I can thoroughly recommend as a tourist excursion if you’re ever in the area), it’s one of those industrial places on the fringe of a major city that [Read more]

Basketball: For this Lakers fan, it’s all in the timing

By Brad Carr Many of sport’s moments come down to an element of being ‘in the right place at the right time’. An adage that has proved true for many players, occasionally it holds for a supporter also. I’ve followed the Los Angeles Lakers since 1988. At that time, when basketball was in its Australian [Read more]

Footy: Why I barrack for the Eagles

By Brad Carr I’m an Eagles supporter who lives in Melbourne. The most common question I get asked is, “Why do you barrack for West Coast?” The conversation normally goes along the following lines: Local: “Who do you barrack for?” Me:     “West Coast” Local (contorts face uncomfortably): “Eeeeww (pauses). Are you from over there?” Me:     [Read more]