Quadrennial Introspection; the Olympics we had to have

Whilst it might have been nice to see a few more Aussies fulfil their life’s dream, I can’t help think London 2012 was the Olympic version of the ‘recession we had to have’. It’s about time we hit the reset button on our approach, as we re-evaluate funding priorities, what constitutes success and sport’s role in Australian [Read more]

Hindsight….it’s a beautiful thing

By Neil Anderson Whenever I check the Almanac’s website for the latest offerings and before I have a go at writing myself, the first thing I see written in bold lettering is, ‘Write From The Heart’. This credo is evident in most pieces and none more-so than articles by JT Harms. I have finished reading [Read more]

What is pressure?

At a recent press conference in London the coach of the US Women’s Basketball team, Geno Auriemma, said: “Real pressure is when you lose your job and have to pay the mortgage, or if you are a single mum wondering if you can afford to pay your kid’s education”. That is the most sensible comment [Read more]

Olympic sadness

I woke this morning (a small victory in itself) to a couple of the sadder images I have seen in sport. Initially the sound was down on the TV so I don’t know what happened to the fencer. I don’t know her name. I think she was Korean. I just saw her sitting on her [Read more]