Rd19 2012 FEARLESS: and the gold goes to that tubby guy from the iselect ads!

The Olympics and the footy – toss a coin in the air…it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a great time to be in couch potato heaven with your remote control in hand. Watching my eldest son learn about countries and events/sports that he’d never heard of prior to the opening ceremony. It’s great stuff….even have [Read more]

Hindsight….it’s a beautiful thing

By Neil Anderson Whenever I check the Almanac’s website for the latest offerings and before I have a go at writing myself, the first thing I see written in bold lettering is, ‘Write From The Heart’. This credo is evident in most pieces and none more-so than articles by JT Harms. I have finished reading [Read more]

What is pressure?

At a recent press conference in London the coach of the US Women’s Basketball team, Geno Auriemma, said: “Real pressure is when you lose your job and have to pay the mortgage, or if you are a single mum wondering if you can afford to pay your kid’s education”. That is the most sensible comment [Read more]

Fearless – Round 18: Faster, higher, stronger, “cleaner”: AFL vs Olympics…

I’m in the process of assessing my son using MRP (Match Review Panel) rationale. Head high contact to the head of dad – – no video of the incident – provocation earlier in the day from unrelated incident and different person – goes to state of mind – no notable signs of concussion, just a shocking [Read more]

Steve Hooker the Olympic highlight for Harms

Harms set tongues wagging with his comment on Offsiders that Steve Hooker was his Olympics highlight, saying instead of withdrawing with “injury”, Hooker faced his demons in the glare of the world spotlight, showing a “magnificent nobility”. Some words from Harms: I knew this choice of moment was FWD (fraught with danger). And the two [Read more]

Crio’s Q: Olympic armchair experts

Every four years armchair experts adopt a sport, its rules, its champions and its scoring nuances. Outside of the Olympics there is very little general interest in beach volleyball or diving or table tennis or women’s 400m running….. But, from under a rock we emerge to absorb and then challenge Drew Morphett, or Sandy, or [Read more]

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad in London! It’s been an absolutely incredible day. For the past few weeks I will be honest I have been slightly confused. I knew that the Olympics were coming, but I just wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. The anticipation was there, but it felt different to a [Read more]

Building up to Bradbury*

Building up to Bradbury * Not all good sports stories end with glory. Keiran Deck, an International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) 2nd Dan Black belt, ventured for his first time into the Olympic style taekwondo (WTF) at the NSW/ACT State Selections to see how the two collide. Not very well, apparently … It’s Saturday night. The mood [Read more]