A tale of two Olympics: The Economics of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, Tim Harcourt tells two tales of one city – how the cogs moving behind the scenes at Beijing differ between 2022 and 2008 (and also what both games meant to Australia)

Almanac Olympics: Brisbane best bet to go into bat

Ron Reed looks ahead to assess the chances of netball and cricket winning status as Olympic sports – and wishes them both all the luck they can get!

Almanac Olympics – Tokyo 2020: Thoughts From the Couch

Edward P. Olsen runs through a laundry list of the recently wound up Tokyo Olympics’ best and most entertaining moments for a family watching on from an Australian couch.

‘Gumleaf Games’ to the world stage

Ron Reed has seen more Olympic Games than most since 1956, primarily as a journalist. Here he comments about Brisbane then (1982 Commonwealth Games) and what we might hope for in 2032.

Almanac Olympics: Shame, Queensland

Andrew Starkie expresses his thoughts, in no uncertain terms, about Queensland winning the right to host the 2032 Olympics Games.

Almanac Book Review: Ken Haley on Ron Reed’s ‘War Games’

Ron Reed’s recent release ‘War Games’ has been read and thoroughly reviewed by Ken Haley.

RIP Jack Whitaker – US Sportscaster: When it was more than a game

Legendary US Sportcaster Jack Whitaker who died last week aged 95 was a regular face on Australian TV in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Peter Baulderstone provides some links to his work and reflects on why his reporting legacy ennobled sports and us.

Everyday Obituary: An ode to my old man, the Olympics and Usain Bolt.

Matt O’Hanlon’s father was a wonderful Queenslander (as is Matt). In this magnificent tribute to his Dad, Matt can’t help but demonstrate those elements of a sporting life which once drove the sporting culture and broader Australian culture. Those in powerful positions – in government, in sports administration, in media, and even in educational bureaucracy (not at the coal-face so much) – should read this piece. They will see what sport means to people, the level of their interest and engagement, and the sheer wisdom in Michael Joseph O’Hanlon’s approach. Vale Pop O’Hallaron. [An all-time classic – JTH]

Almanac Olympics – An Antidote to the Hysteria

Where are the Brazilians? Neil Drysdale isn’t impressed with the hosts of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Almanac Olympics: What you don’t see on TV

Our man in Rio DaveP shares some of his Olympic moments.

Almanac Olympics: An Olympic Cycle – The Journey

Our man in Rio, DaveP has been following the Australian Men’s Team Pursuit squad for three years leading into Rio2016, watch an extract of his forthcoming documentary as they race for Gold.

It’s track and field time in Melbourne again

The Olympics are just around the corner so Steve Fahey invites us to the Lakeside Stadium this Saturday, or to watch on live-stream, as current world and Olympic champions, and potential champions compete in this internationally recognised track and field event.

Crio’s Question : Have the Olympics run their race?

Crio reckons the Olympic Games are farcical and corrupt. Is it time to call an end to the world’s biggest sporting carnival?

Olympic sadness

I woke this morning (a small victory in itself) to a couple of the sadder images I have seen in sport. Initially the sound was down on the TV so I don’t know what happened to the fencer. I don’t know her name. I think she was Korean. I just saw her sitting on her [Read more]