A Good Friday in Glenelg North

Mickey Randall observes life on Good Friday in seaside Glenelg and environs. [Trademark Mickey-ness. JTH]

Almanac Teams: Rangas

Dan has come up a team of redheads, but can they play footy? Have your say!

Sovereign Borders XI

There’s plenty of defending Borders but no Allans in this XI

AFL as a Diplomatic Tool?

On debut for the Almanac, the extremely well travelled Kevan Dacey, AKA Rusty Red Lion, suggests that Australian Rules football could be an excellent diplomatic tool. He makes some interesting points from his overseas experiences.

New Bulldogs Coach: “A good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way”

Peter Baulderstone was wondering where he had heard the Bulldogs President’s speech before? He thinks he knows who the next coach will be.

Where have you gone Australian leadership, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you

We have a cricket team led by Watson and a country led by Gillard. In the words of Marvin Gaye (no, not that bit about needing sexual healing), “What’s going on?”

Quadrennial Introspection; the Olympics we had to have

Whilst it might have been nice to see a few more Aussies fulfil their life’s dream, I can’t help think London 2012 was the Olympic version of the ‘recession we had to have’. It’s about time we hit the reset button on our approach, as we re-evaluate funding priorities, what constitutes success and sport’s role in Australian [Read more]

Brave New World Order

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou today announced dramatic new initiatives to improve skill levels and player availability in the AFL. “Now that we are an 18 team competition, it is clear that the AFL can no longer maintain the highest standards of skill and performance using purely local talent,” Mr [Read more]