The Right Colours

Vin Maskell offers a gentle meditation (memoir?) about the colours we nail to our mast. A delicate pastry to go with your weekend coffee.

Hindsight….it’s a beautiful thing

By Neil Anderson Whenever I check the Almanac’s website for the latest offerings and before I have a go at writing myself, the first thing I see written in bold lettering is, ‘Write From The Heart’. This credo is evident in most pieces and none more-so than articles by JT Harms. I have finished reading [Read more]

From Father To Son

Dear Harley, I was eight months from meeting you but I couldn’t stop thinking of you when I walked to the MCG on a warm March night. Your mum and I had not long found out that you would be joining us in November. I was meeting Paul to watch the Cats and the Hawks. [Read more]

Getting to Know You

A few weeks ago, I streamed the Sydney Swans Guernsey presentation. In twelve years of membership, I have never attended or watched a Guernsey presentation. I have been content with skimming the captain’s speech the morning after and stealing away a quote or two for the parenthood file. But this year, I watched it live, [Read more]