2019 Federal election – a sport perspective

Sport may not have captured many headlines during the Federal election campaign, but Greg Blood thinks it came out a significant winner. He looks at the comparative policies and funding proposals of both parties.

Sport – Who’s Funding Who

Is sport a waste of taxpayers money as some claim, or is sport in fact getting a raw deal when it comes to government funding support asks Robbo.

The Conundrum of Sports Gambling

Is sports gambling the new smoking? Robbo looks at the history and future of a phenomenon that seems as much a part of sport than the contest itself.

Quadrennial Introspection; the Olympics we had to have

Whilst it might have been nice to see a few more Aussies fulfil their life’s dream, I can’t help think London 2012 was the Olympic version of the ‘recession we had to have’. It’s about time we hit the reset button on our approach, as we re-evaluate funding priorities, what constitutes success and sport’s role in Australian [Read more]