Round 16 – Sydney v West Coast: An unfamiliar day at the footy

Craig Dodson was champing at the bit to hit the highway down to Geelong. The days out don’t get much bigger for the generally more dour Swans, a source of real joy on a red and white family road trip.

Lion Kings or Greatest Team Of All?

Whilst funnelling through YouTube during a cold, restless night recently, I happened upon some footage of one of my favourite Grand Finals; the 2002 playoff between the almighty Brisbane Lions outfit and the unheralded Collingwood side. Yes I’m a footy nerd and I know, I may have a problem.

The best Wagga has to offer

As a proud Wagga boy (now living in Melbourne), I’ve beenthinking about what a great production line of players Wagga has produced. I have decided to have a crack at naming my best 22. What makes it more impressive for me is that arguably Wagga is split about 60% league and 40% AFL (in my [Read more]

A beautiful man, a curious crossroad.

There aren’t many footballers like Cam Mooney. Not afraid to hug and kiss his teammates, and sometimes even his opponents, his tender acceptance of his 2007 Premiership medallion still chokes me up. He is the image of Hamish, the fierce, but loveable rock-tossing friend of William Wallace in the movie Braveheart. In the age of [Read more]

Cats Could Do With An Overhaul

by Angus Nicholls     I’m pretty much a Holden man. Don’t know if I was born this way or was somehow subliminally groomed by the General during my formative years. What’s more it doesn’t matter given that we’re talking about the General’s mortal enemy and the Greatest Footy Club on Earth.   Co-located in [Read more]