Grand Final 2016: The Jumper – A photo essay

Edward was on hand at Whitten Oval and captured the diverse range of jumpers, a time lapse of Bulldog history.

Memoir: Melbourne’s good fortune

I live in Yarraville, work in Parkville, and study in Hawthorn. I ride my bike, drive a car and use public transport. On any given day, it is not unusual for me to travel past half a dozen footy grounds ‘home’ to current AFL clubs. On a welcome spring day, with only one lecture scheduled in the mid afternoon, I set off on my bike to stop and visit these places.

Le Tenia

This morning the sunlight awoke me and I immediately felt uneasy. I was too rested- had I slept through my alarm? Ah. Daylight savings. Then it crept through, that splinter in the ribcage. That splinter that sticks when you roll over on it in bed and remember that your sweetheart has left you or your dog has [Read more]

And there they were

The head defies the heart. It was the second quarter of an Afl Grand Final against the archetypal foe, the Magpies. It was clear that The Pod’s arm was shot, and a crestfallen Harry Taylor was being taken to the bench. The heart, mine own, was beating with less and less vigor. This fabled swarm [Read more]

The Emptiest Bandwagon(s) in History

Disclaimer: I am a big Cats fan. For this post, I am donning my Analyst cap. I am quite stunned at how rapid the sift in sentiment for the Flag has been. Throughout the year the Pies have been wild favorites, as the Cats rolled relatively umimpeeded on, finishing second by one game. I was [Read more]

Fortius Quo Haemmorhoids

Thanks to trmash on twitter.

A beautiful man, a curious crossroad.

There aren’t many footballers like Cam Mooney. Not afraid to hug and kiss his teammates, and sometimes even his opponents, his tender acceptance of his 2007 Premiership medallion still chokes me up. He is the image of Hamish, the fierce, but loveable rock-tossing friend of William Wallace in the movie Braveheart. In the age of [Read more]

My response to losing – a thought

Two weeks. Two losses. A rare experience Does not compute. I get all whimsical and agreeable Send text messages to my mates who barrack for the Eagles, Dons. “Well done.” I say. “Your boys played better.” “Good sport.” you might think Nah. I’m just trying to keep the Footy Gods happy.

Monday morning, June.

Something is missing. I can’t pick it. Cold morning. The Big Issue seller at North Melbourne station must be feeling it. Should I shout him a coffee? Nah. I’m sure the blokes who run the caf there look after him. A coffee and a muffin. 3 sugars. They’d charge him two bucks. He’s a teammate, [Read more]

The Record Records

Having read this article on the GFC website, I was compelled to delve into the record books. With my trusty deerstalker and magnifying glass, I was pleased to find that not only do Geelong famously hold the record for highest score in a VFL/AFL match, but they hold many other lesser known records. Here are [Read more]

Careful what you wish for…

For too long, many suitors have leveraged against the Geelong Football Club. Off of its people and off of its proud heritage. The supporters have indeed been blessed with good fortune over these past years; Brownlows, All-Australians by the dozen, Grand Finals, even the elusive Premiership or two. We’ve much to be glad about.

John Smith

by Ed Harcourt John Smith plays for Geelong. His disposal this season has been first class, his versatily around the grounds is respected by his peers, and his use of the ball in and around the packs is unusually very classy to watch. Over the past few seasons I’ve been a fan of his game, [Read more]

This Geelong Life

  by Ed Harcourt   “You don’t know what love is until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues.” It was June 16 1991. A typical Melbourne day at the MCG. Round 13 of The Australian Football League’s season was my first as a member of The Geelong Football Club. We sat on the wing [Read more]