Tom Harley: Mr Perseverance becomes elite

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood considers the life and career of a tenacious Geelong (and Redlegs, of course) champion

Disability slurs in football must be given the same punishment as racial and homophobic slurs

Carly Findlay gives her view on how the AFL need to update its policy on disability slurs.

AFL Round 14: Salute to Big Jonno Brown – a battered warrior calls time

Paul Thomson sums up Round 14, with parting praise, of course, for the battered Brisbane warrior.

Crio’s Question: Big J.Brown – say it ain’t so

J.Brown spruiking KPI targets for an accounting firm? Can anyone recall another sports product placement as improbable?

AFL Round 4 – North Melbourne v Brisbane: The train rocks on

The footy train sails across the dry Central Highlands, collecting quiet drabs of blue and white, the odd maroon, on its voyage to Southern Cross. It gets Terry Chapman to his destination just in time for the Majak Daw show.

Wife, Miss Universe and Everything

Igor completes his best self-analysis to determine why he can be found watching Brisbane pre-season training at 8am. His answer will resonate with everyone.

Lion Kings or Greatest Team Of All?

Whilst funnelling through YouTube during a cold, restless night recently, I happened upon some footage of one of my favourite Grand Finals; the 2002 playoff between the almighty Brisbane Lions outfit and the unheralded Collingwood side. Yes I’m a footy nerd and I know, I may have a problem.


When we talk about footy, what is courage? What is bravery? Jonathon Brown is courageous. He is brave. These conclusions are magnified as we flinch slightly when watching replays of the clash which caused his latest facial injury. But what I have found fascinating in the wake of this incident is the commentary suggesting that [Read more]