Almanac Short Story – I love the races

With a keen observer’s eye, Barry Mitchell brings to life another character of the racetrack in this short story. [Have you seen this person floating around the Spring carnival? – Ed]

Almanac Short Story – I love the punt

Barry Mitchell, Almanac short-story writer and 200 game VFL/AFL player, takes us trackside in this story. It’s the Spring racing carnival in Melbourne… [Telling observations – Ed].

Footy on Television

Warren Tapner has had enough of gambling ads during the footy.

Almanac Racing – Winter Championships

Tom Riordan seeks some value at Flemington for the Winter Championships meeting on Saturday.

Round 21 – Collingwood v Richmond: Albatross

Callum O’Connor has never enjoyed a Richmond victory (or is that Vickery?) less than he did last Saturday. Hard to believe, until you find out who lobbed next to him at half time.

Shock News: Pakistan lose the unloseable

Peter Baulderstone holds his nose after Australia’s “miracle” last over ODI win against Pakistan at the home of cricket in Abu Dhabi. The ICC must think we are all mugs. World Cup – who cares?

How often do the favourites win?

For only the fouth time in the past four years, every backed favourite in the round won.

A 100%, guaranteed, fool proof system!

AFL PUNTERS, I HAVE IT!: A 100%, GUARANTEED, FOOL PROOF SYSTEM!!!!! by Peter Zitterschlager Friends, it’s taken me all of my many years to crack it, but I finally have. It’s been an despairing journey into the abyss, a trek to the edge of madness, but at long last I’ve broken through. At long last [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Rd-8 The Final Word

I reckon I’ve said enough. Disappointing campaign, despite the opportunity. Thought that the independents shone a light on a few issues which weren’t taking up.

Harms Election Watch: Rd 7- ALP Launch

And so finally the ALP have their launch in Brisbane. It is a low-key affair. So low-key in the torpor of the Queensland winter that the faithful forget they are at a political rally and that they are supposed to respond spontaneously, like a Baptist congregation in Mississippi. Even the Silver Bodgie has to wait, [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 5- Julia in form

Election betting has flattened out, but no matter how I look at it, I just keep coming back to one thing: the election result is all about Queensland. And the pollies know it as well. Queenslanders are still recovering from the Coalition’s launch on Sunday. Rarely have so many blueblood Liberals graced the Sunshine State. [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 4

This election will be won and lost in Queensland. Simple as that. And Queensland is different sort of place, with its own understanding of the world. I lived there for 30 years, and if pressed, I would say I am a Queenslander. Not your typical Queenslander, but I reckon I understand the Queensland sensibility.

Harms Election Watch- Round 3

So Julia Gillard looks at the numbers and sees she’s caught a snake. It’s like watching Norman at Augusta. She sees Action Tony on the ladder. So Julia says she’s going to throw the rulebook out. Why did she subscribe to it in the first place? Julia Gillard sees that people have been reading the [Read more]

Election Harms Round 2- The Debate

Sunday evening used to be for watching Disneyland. You would always wonder which land the story would come from: Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, and the other Lands which have drifted from my memory. Then came Big Brother, and Sunday evening footy, and now Master Chef. I watched the end of Master Chef last night just [Read more]

Harms’ Election Watch- Part 1

As Director of Manning Clark House in Canberra, I am obliged to have a good grasp of Australian History, and at least pretend to have a good grasp of contemporary Australian day-to-day politics. I reckon I’ve got the nuts and bolts of the first one covered, but I’m less confident about the other. Not because [Read more]