Shock News: Pakistan lose the unloseable

Australia 231 for 9 (Smith 77, Warner 56, Tanvir 3-40, Afridi 2-44) beat Pakistan 230 (Shafiq 50, Richardson 2-36, Maxwell 2-41) by 1 run

Needing 2 runs to win with 2 wickets in hand off the final over from modest off-spinner Glen Maxwell (7 overs 0/41 in the leadup), the Pakistanis somehow conspire to let him bowl a double wicket maiden and lose by a run.

There is a story about a racehorse owner-trainer who a bad legged horse that had not raced for 2 years due to injury.  After months of patient beach work he set it for a country race, but there were only four starters.  A couple had reasonable form and he was satisfied that he would be able to have a decent bet at 2/1 given his horse’s long absence.

He is furious when the bookies set their boards with his horse odds on.  He decides not to back it and instructs the jockey to “give it a quiet one” hoping for better odds and a greater return next start at a different track.

His horse is 3 wide all the way in a field of four; checked down the back straight; and runs wide on the home turn – but still wins hard held by a length.

He is fuming as he unsaddles his horse as the prize money is miniscule.  Walking through the betting ring he is further enraged to see a punter collecting thousands from a successful bet on his horse.

He fronts the bloke screaming “you are an idiot mate.  You”ll go broke backing horses like that at odds-on .  It was as dead as a maggot.  I should know – I own and train it.”

The collecting punter says “I know – I own the other three.”



  1. Flap, flap, flap.
    Good call, PB.
    The great shame of match-fixing.
    Thereafter, no result, especially the unlikely one, is ever again viewed with innocent eyes.
    It stinks.
    Away flies the essential magic of sport.
    Flap, flap, flap

  2. Dave Brown says

    Hmmm, yes the last two batting efforts by Pakistan were interesting. Every unpredictable moment in cricket from this point on will not seem right. Imagine Reid’s over to Lamb, the end of the Adelaide Test against the Windies in 93 or Australia’s collapse to South Africa in the test at the SCG(?) these days – the idea would have to be considered, sadly.

  3. Yes, but we are unlikely to ever know.

  4. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    Yep my 1st thought this morning when hearing the result. When coaching with a ex test player re that test match when , Hauritz spun us to victory ( yeah right ) he called it on the 2nd day when 2 Pakistanis were caught at 3rd man then Ackmals keeping when he couldn’t catch a bus then bizarre field placements and crazy batting as JTH says we will never no how often this has happened . Cricket is tarnished forever

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Always Pakistan…….while their players continue to earn a miniscule amount in comparison to Indian and Sri Lankan players (and Australians), the suspicion of and chances of these events happening will remain and be questioned. The game is the loser.
    Maxwell did bowl pretty well….

  6. Steve Fahey says

    I “watched”it over the Internet and the thoughts do come straight into your mind, especially when it is a dead rubber.

    Would Clinton Young’s dropped mark against the Suns be looked at in some circumstances ? What about the Big Bash semi-final a couple of years back in Perth (Warnie’s last game) when the Stars had too many fielders behind square leg for the last ball which obviously became a no ball and the Scorchers won off the then last ball. What about when the WBA goalie made three howlers in the one EPL game in the last round of the season a few years ago, impacting the result of that game and the Champions League qualification ?

    Sadly anything bizarre that now happens becomes questionable. Despite Pakistan’s history, we do need to be careful to not unconsciously succumb to racial biases, as it could happen anywhere involving any team.

  7. Steve Hodder says

    I worked with a bloke in the railways who had the odd pacer, did his own driving on occasion and he told me a story I’ll never ever forget. He had a good thing primed to go and had picked his race meticulously. Money was splurged and there were great expectations. Coming around the home turn he was boxed in by two horses on his outside. Thinking quick he said to his nearest competitor there’s $$$$$ (can’t remember the figures but say about $1,000) if you let me out? The nearest said “I get $2000 for keeping you in.” He responded with ” I’ll make it $2,500 then.” But the bloke on the far outside said “I’m on $3,000 to keeping him in.

    Race lost!


    love the fact that you contribute even when you contribute.

  8. And one might say this evening “See what happens when you try?”.

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