Footy on Television

Bet now, bet now, bet!

Geez, it’s a good game, isn’t it?

Bet now, bet now!


Assorted talking heads

Aligned inside the booth

Bet now, bet now, bet!


Wowee, unbelievable!

Lowered his eyes, didn’t he?

Bet now, bet now!


Was that a sly little slap?

Here’s a dozen slo-mo replays

Bet now, bet now, bet!


Cheer squad matrons

Boogaloo behind the goals

Bet now, bet now!


Time for a break

To look at the live ladder

Bet now, bet now, bet!


Reach for the remote

Bet now, bet now!




Conscription into the army ended Warren's dreams of becoming either a league footballer or a professional musician, but military service did at least teach him how to handle firearms, and to work behind a bar.


  1. Cat from the Country says

    So do I dislike the betting ads on the footy broadcast

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Your poem is perfect, it shows the constancy and persistence of the ads. Horrible.

  3. Pete Granger says

    Ads for addicts. Obviously a big market for it, but killing the goose that laid the golden egg. They should restrict gambling ads to a second ao channel.

  4. As a recovering (no-one is ever “recovered” – its long term remission – never cured) gambling addict who attends Gamblers Anonymous meetings I can endorse your poem wholeheartedly Warren. When I started attending in Perth over a decade ago it was all horserace gambler with a few casino addicts thrown in. (Gamblers Anonymous in the eastern states is majority female because of the pokies).
    We get a lot of new younger members now mostly with sports betting addictions via social media apps. An ex WAFL player who gets $1,000 a game in the country now, but the $ never made it past the drive home after games until he joined our fellowship. At the serious end of things 2 young men with families and responsible jobs who have gone to jail in the past 6 months for multi-million frauds. Cracking blokes all of them, save for the addiction to the punt. I have talked to high school teachers who tell me half their Year 12 class are betting on sports gambling apps during Y12 classes.
    SHAME SHAME SHAME – greedy governments stealing from the vulnerable via gambling taxes on the vulnerable. SHAME AFL; NRL etc etc all with their overpaid snouts in the trough.
    I can see through the *conditions apply and *$50 bonus bet advertising bait (what serious punter ever stopped at $50 – just bait to get you hooked again) and laugh now.
    Gambling ads and apps are the crack houses of the future for young middle class males.

  5. Warren Tapner says

    Thanks for your support. Cat, Yvette and both Petes It’s encouraging to not be crying in the wilderness. I am all for personal freedoms, but gambling is a scourge.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    As I wrote elsewhere, Nathan Brown and Matthew Campbell can piss off right now.

    It has even not so subtly infiltrated the Front Bar.

  7. Harvesting revenue from gambling is deplorable.
    And normalising the behaviour will affect people’s lives.
    The evidence is known.

    And yet decision-makers – people who know – continue to harvest this as a land of money-for-nothing.
    Thanks Warren. More voice to you.

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