Almanac Poetry: In the Heartland

Politics can be funny at times, and members of the electorate can express themselves in a variety of ways. Kevin Densley recalls a time when George Bush Senior, on the US Presidential campaign trail, was mooned by an entire family!

The Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch – Gideon Haigh (July 23) [at this stage still going ahead]

Almanac/Odd Friday lunches are back on the menu in 2021 after a brief pause – next up on July 23 acclaimed author and South Yarra CC strokemaker Gideon Haigh will be talking about his latest book on the intriguing mid-20th century figure that is ‘Doc’ Evatt. [Going ahead until further notice – Ed]

Racing: Horses get sick, don’t they? – Part 4

Matt Watson’s series on the 2007 outbreak of equine influenza is continued, as the Queensland government struggle to find vaccinations for the vulnerable horses.

A student’s tribute to Bob Hawke

Sean Mortell is a first year university student – doing journalism. He discusses how the public memory of Bob Hawke has informed his understanding of him. [Very interesting to see what is strongest in the public memory – Ed]

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch – May 17 with George Megalogenis

After another 3 years of ups and downs and general turmoil, who better to join us at the North Fitzroy Arms for the last Odd Friday Lunch before the federal election than acclaimed journalist and Richmond tragic, George Megalogenis? See inside for details.

Almanac Memoir: Wisdom in politics? Can you believe that?

Neil Drysdale of Scotland shares this very personal account of his politics and those of his family; informed by the very WWI trenches, themselves. Personal philosophy as the basis of political affiliation. Originally posted a couple of years ago, this piece has never felt more timely.

Fitzroy Football Club event – lunch with Barrie Cassidy and Ged Kearney (July 14)

Next weekend sees Fitzroy FC host Barrie Cassidy and Ged Kearney for their annual ‘Political Football’ lunch.

Round 15 – Carlton v Collingwood: Beating Carlton more important than Election Result

A full board of Saturday commitments but for Luke Reynolds beating Carlton was the most important outcome of July 2.

Eurovision Spectacles and Probity Illusions

Robbo on controversial decisions when discussing the final result of Eurovision.

Sport Trumps Politics

Peter Baulderstone is disturbed by the hatred and trivialisation of American society and its presidential politics. He seeks explanations from their sport.

Remembering the role of top level sport

E.Regnans has come to the end of his European tour, and the experience makes him philosophical about the role of sport. Inspiration or just respite from greed and hatred?

Saint Gough’s Day

Neil Anderson expresses his gratitude to Gough Whitlam on the 41st anniversary of the 1972 “It’s Time” election win.

The Decider

Peter Baulderstone eyes off team politics. If political parties were footy teams who do you reckon they’d be?

It’s Time

Forgive us if you’ve heard this before, but Peter Baulderstone tells a familiar tale.


Peter Flynn’s grandfather would have turned 100 today. He shares the eulogy he prepared in 2010.

The AFL is Federation all over again!

I’m currently working on Australian constitutional law and it strikes me that the creation of the AFL is very much like what happened when Australia federated. The States created the Commonwealth which then took on a life of its own and made the States its beggars. Now the AFL, created by the clubs, has taken on [Read more]

Politics, power and emotion in The Club

by Phil Dimitriadis Club politics do not always sit comfortably with the ideas of the coach and his methods of disciplining errant players. In The Club, prize recruit Geoff Hayward is a protected species according to President Ted Parker because he paid an extra ten thousand dollars out of his own pocket to ensure that [Read more]

COMMENT: What has happened to the world?

Fair dinkum, I’m going nuts. And if it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. It’s sad because this is the world my kids are growing up in. It’s a world where the disingenuous thrive, where mendacity is trumps, and truth is the currency of fools. Well call me a fool. And take me to [Read more]


The Stan McCabe of Politics by Bernard Whimpress There are (or probably I should say were) few more beautiful places on Earth to muse on matters cricket, and perhaps even Life and Death, than the north-western mound of the Adelaide Oval, late afternoon, in the shade of the Moreton Bay fig trees, with a light [Read more]

Not yet Tied, But Testing

It started when Tony Abbott won the toss and decided to bat. The pitch had a bit of movement in it, but with careful application there were runs to be had. The opponent was disheveled having just changed captains following a bloody coup some two months before. The previous captain left reluctantly after an emotive [Read more]