Local Footy: Renmark flog Barmera-Monash

   By Nick Kossatch   Renmark made a mockery of Barmera-Monash being a premiership contender by giving them a 74-point thrashing at Renmark Oval on Saturday.   The win places the Rovers in second position on percentage but equal on points with the Roos and Loxton.   It was the host’s most impressive win of [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Ugly win to the Pies

by Damian Watson By Damian Watson To say it has been a busy week for me is certainly an understatement. I kicked off the working week, or in my case the learning week, at school reporting on the school production while on camera. Now let me tell you reporting on theatre (of which I am not [Read more]

Crio’s question: should the Browlow remain in its current form?

I’ve decided to buy in early to the annual blowhard about the relative merit and process regarding the venerable Brownlow Medal. I can even make it vaguely pertinent on the grounds that this weekend is the first round in which NRL’s Dally M votes go “in camera”. Now voted by journos and with a rocky [Read more]

Irish news: Australian footy comp growing in Ireland

by Peter Lenaghan Wednesday 8 July 2009 As increasing numbers of young Irishmen move across the world to try to make their fortune in the AFL, Peter Lenaghan looks at the Australian game’s continuing struggle to establish itself on the Emerald Isle.   It is quarter time in the Australian Rules Football League of Ireland [Read more]

AFL Round 17 preview: John Mosig’s pre-Wrap XVII

  John Mosig   THE LADDER ST KILDA                 16        0          169.80             64 GEELONG                14        2          138.96             56 FOOTSCRAY          11        5          128.72             44 COLLYWOBBLES  10        6          112.21             40 BRISBANE               10        6          108.96             40 ADELAIDE               10        6          107.16             40 CARLTON               9          7          112.53             36 THE BOMBERS      8          8          101.33             32 ——————————————————————- THE POWER                        8          8          [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The game that never happened

by Ian Syson It’s a long-standing problem for soccer in Australia that many of its elite juniors end up playing other codes of football at the senior level. AFL players like Adam Goodes and Brad Green were standout junior soccer players. Rugby League’s Andrew Johns starred with the round ball as a junior in Newcastle. [Read more]

Memoir: My best match

by Josh Barnstable I’m happy to know that every AFL game I go to, I savour it. And I’ve been one of the lucky ones, with every match I’ve gone too; it’s been either a special occasion or a really good game. Due to living in country Victoria, I only get to go to about [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Bucks even more confused now

Richmond versus North Melbourne 2.10pm, Sunday, July 19 Melbourne Cricket Ground by Andrew Starkie I couldn’t help think of Bucks as nephew Lukey and I, and a group of friends took our seats in the Ponsford Stand, city end.  Apparently, both clubs playing today are chasing the media commentator and junior coach for next season. [Read more]

In the Sheds: Noble Park surprise by sacking Ezard as coach

By Paul Daffey ESSENDON premiership rover Alan Ezard had no idea of what was about to happen when he took a call from Kevin Wright, the president of Eastern Football League club Noble Park, at 9 o’clock last Thursday morning.

Gigs being Gigs: Bad puns are a way of life

Andrew Gigacz   In the latest edition of “The Monthly Knacker” we pull no punches and ask the hard questions about footy:   What makes Darren Jolly? Crumbling bones. Is there Dust in Fletcher? Why doesn’t someone mark McVeigh? Will Thurs field? Is it true that Eddie Betts? Was Luke Beveridge’s middle name really Warm? [Read more]

Irish news: Ricky Nixon kicks tyres in the Emerald Isle

   by Peter Lenaghan   For the past three weeks, Australian Rules football has been prime-time television viewing on the emerald isle. The focus? Not St Kilda’s outstanding form, or Jimmy Stynes’s cancer battle, nor the many suitors trying to woo Nathan Buckley. Instead, a documentary team has told the story of the young jewels [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Idiot umpires

by Danielle Eid I woke up at my usual 12:30 in the afternoon, might I add that I was forced to wake up and would have slept in but whatever! After putting out a load of laundry outside (mum’s orders) I settle down to watch the Richmond vs. North match for two reasons. 1. To [Read more]

Harms: On (the wonderful) Geelong fan

by John Harms I know it is awkward to talk about your own, but sometimes it has to be done. And it has to be done honestly. So I’m going to say it up front: the Geelong supporter is the embodiment of all that is good and true. The world has never seen, in any [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Wild weather at York Park

As a North supporter, I’ve frequently travelled interstate, but it’s generally been on the cheersquad bus.  A trip to Tasmania doesn’t allow such luxury, and I was happy to fly to Tassie, knowing that North could probably come up with an upset win against the reigning Premiers, as they had been thumped by the Bulldogs [Read more]

Local footy: Amazing Country comeback on a windy day

By Paul Daffey Wind is a variant that’s going out of AFL games in Victoria. The Docklands Stadium is like a bowling alley with turf. The MCG’s stands are so high that the wind dare not breach its walls. Only Kardinia Park is exposed to the elements.

AFL Round 16 – Haiku Bob – from somewhere a cloud

stars appearing our game plan in a million pieces   gazing at the centre half forward no longer there     sharp wind Hodge’s torpedo pierces the night   swirling breeze whichever way we want to go we can’t   cloudless night from somewhere a cloud of hawks   in the clear Toovey kicks it [Read more]

Round 16: Richmond vs North Melbourne – a draw is just as bad as a win

by Michael Allan We’ve reached the home stretch. Only six more games before eight teams are knocked out and the finals begin. It’s around this time when Richmond (and several others) are put under the microscope, as the tanking debate re-emerges. I’m always torn with this: on one hand, it will better suit the club long [Read more]

AFL Round 16 – Gigs’ Stats: the stuff of dreams

by Andrew Gigacz   The last two weeks have had it all with several important pieces of the statistical jigsaw falling nicely into place. Last week it was the first one-point game of the year and the first 100+ point result and this week we had every stat-head’s dream: the draw!   TIGERS AND NORTH [Read more]

Local Footy: The Maffra story – it’s all about beating Sale

by Rocket Gillett   In preparing my recent posting on the Rochester/Echuca rivalry I had planned to compare it to a very similar rivalry – and the most comparable is the Sale/Maffra rivalry – the parallels are striking similarly in terms of longevity, small town v big town, changing competitions, etc However, I got carried [Read more]

Second Test – Day 5: Freddy

By Ben Santamaria, with Tim Santamaria. July 20 was always going to be a famous day; however, who in the crowd at Lord’s in 1934 would have thought then that man would walk on the moon in less than half the time it would take their nation’s cricketers to next beat Australia at the home [Read more]