It’s time to go, Eddie

The Footy Bogan believes time has run out for Buckley and McGuire at Collingwood. Fresh blood may return the Pies to their former glory.

Poor Legacy

The Footy Bogan muses on the up-coming AFL broadcast rights deal. Billion-dollar investments can only mean inescapable avalanches of ads and is that what fans really want?

Almanac Discussion: Should a premiership be decided by a con-job?

Thefootybogan discusses the Harvey-Priddis incident and places it into a social, historical, moral context. Should a premiership be decided on such an act? Thought-provoking.

Mick Malthouse: A Farewell to Charms

Pies supporter thefootybogan discusses how he believes Mick Malthouse lost his charm in the later years of his coaching career.

Are We There Yet?

At last the Essendon saga is over. Or is it? The Footy Bogan struggles with the Orwellian double-speak coming from all corners in the wake of the AFL tribunal’s decision on 34 players and Ben McDevitt’s curious presser the day after.

Who’s a Minnow Now?

Qualifying for the 2019 Cricket World Cup just got interesting according to the Footy Bogan. Oh the irony!

Unconventional Nonsense

You’ve heard of conventional wisdom. Well, sometimes it only seems conventional and often it’s not as wise as the speaker would have you believe. The Footy Bogan presents some of his pet peeves.

Rules of the game – Chapter 2: The impossible dream*

Charlie Krebs ‘the Footy Bogan’ helpfully defines the physiology of Collingwood players and their opponents (as defined by Magpies fans). He also provides a computer algorithm to “clarify” holding the ball decisions.

Rules of the game – Chapter 1: OOF and DOB

Charlie Krebs fears that the average footy fan (and most commentators) are wilfully and woefully ignorant of the rules of the game. The Footy Bogan sets out on a journey of enlightenment.

Special Sub

Charlie Krebs reckons the Saints should have been allowed an extra substitute player when Maverick Weller was concussed by a reportable charge from an opponent. Justice or dangerous precedent?

What’s in a name, sport?

Jamie Elliot’s mark sets thefootybogan thinking.