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Almanac Obituary: Vale Dick Custerson

Steve Earl pays tribute to his mate Dick “Dicky” Custerson, the most generous and positive of blokes who ‘walked sunshine into every room he entered’. Vale Dicky.

Everyday Obituary: An ode to my old man, the Olympics and Usain Bolt.

Matt O’Hanlon’s father was a wonderful Queenslander (as is Matt). In this magnificent tribute to his Dad, Matt can’t help but demonstrate those elements of a sporting life which once drove the sporting culture and broader Australian culture. Those in powerful positions – in government, in sports administration, in media, and even in educational bureaucracy (not at the coal-face so much) – should read this piece. They will see what sport means to people, the level of their interest and engagement, and the sheer wisdom in Michael Joseph O’Hanlon’s approach. Vale Pop O’Hallaron. [An all-time classic – JTH]

An Open Letter to the Almanac Community

A note of thanks from Dips O’Donnell to the Almanac community. [You might like to also read Dips’ eulogy of his father John O’Donnell – JTH]

Everday Obituaries: John Dalton O’Donnell

I was at this funeral, to send off John O’Donnell. It was a magnificent day. Dips O’Donnell’s eulogy of his much-loved father is one of the finest I have ever heard. JTH

Everyday Obits: Foundation Blokes

Bryan, a mate of Matt Zurbo’s, died in an accident the other day. He was a great fella as Old Dog explains in this tribute.

Paul Couch: Giving something of value

Brutas Mudcake reflects on footy, value and life upon the death of Paul Couch.

In memory of Elfie

End-of-life conversations can be difficult. Yvette Wroby shares thoughts and words from a memorial speech she made for her recently departed mother, Elfie. [Our condolences Yvette – Ed].

A last goodbye, for a Tiger

Dugald Jellie went to the funeral of Tiger fan Carolyn Gaunt. Here is his story.

[Dugald is a very talented writer with a tremendous respect and affection for people. He has a keen ear and eye and a lovely sense of perspective on things – even if he is Tiger-mad. His stories are published on his website tigertigerburningbright.com.au which has a strong Tiger following. This year he will also be publishing stories here at the Almanac. So it’s a big welcome from me – JTH]

Everyday Obituaries: Old Mate Allan Way

Allan Way loved life. This is P. Flynn’s eulogy of a great character.

[Wonderful tribute of a ripper bloke from a dear friend – Ed]

Jack Clancy 1934-2014

Jack Clancy – footballer, philosopher, writer, teacher, bon vivant – was one of the characters of Melbourne life. John Timlin (no slouch himself) spoke at the recent celebration of Jack’s life.