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Everday Obituaries: John Dalton O’Donnell

I was at this funeral, to send off John O’Donnell. It was a magnificent day. Dips O’Donnell’s eulogy of his much-loved father is one of the finest I have ever heard. JTH

Everyday Obits: Foundation Blokes

Bryan, a mate of Matt Zurbo’s, died in an accident the other day. He was a great fella as Old Dog explains in this tribute.

Paul Couch: Giving something of value

Brutas Mudcake reflects on footy, value and life upon the death of Paul Couch.

In memory of Elfie

End-of-life conversations can be difficult. Yvette Wroby shares thoughts and words from a memorial speech she made for her recently departed mother, Elfie. [Our condolences Yvette – Ed].

A last goodbye, for a Tiger

Dugald Jellie went to the funeral of Tiger fan Carolyn Gaunt. Here is his story.

[Dugald is a very talented writer with a tremendous respect and affection for people. He has a keen ear and eye and a lovely sense of perspective on things – even if he is Tiger-mad. His stories are published on his website tigertigerburningbright.com.au which has a strong Tiger following. This year he will also be publishing stories here at the Almanac. So it’s a big welcome from me – JTH]

Everyday Obituaries: Old Mate Allan Way

Allan Way loved life. This is P. Flynn’s eulogy of a great character.

[Wonderful tribute of a ripper bloke from a dear friend – Ed]

Jack Clancy 1934-2014

Jack Clancy – footballer, philosopher, writer, teacher, bon vivant – was one of the characters of Melbourne life. John Timlin (no slouch himself) spoke at the recent celebration of Jack’s life.