Everyday Obits: Vale Ron Blainey




Trevor Blainey has been part of the Almanac community for a long time. He’s a regular writer and luncher, and has offered quiet support and good counsel to those of us who keep things going behind the scenes.


Trevor’s father Ron, who died recently, lived a wonderful life, with family at the heart of it.


Trevor delivered this eulogy at Ron’s recent memorial service.


You can view it on Tony Wilson’s Speakola site  HERE



During this period of social distancing you may well be looking for books, films and documentaries suggestions.  Trevor Blainey is a film-maker.  His feature films include the highly-acclaimed Noise, and more recently Cut Snake.




  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Well said Trevor, your dad would have been proud to have heard your wonderful words.

  2. Trevor Blainey says

    Thanks Colin. It has left me to wonder whether we shouldn’t write them earlier and show them. In essence I was writing that for my mum She loved it.

  3. Wonderful Trevor. Such an evocative portrayal of your dear Dad. I know his type precisely. At a time when not everyone had the phone on.(“I’m just ducking down to the O’Dohertys to make a call.’) And played 500 on Saturday nights. Talked footy and cricket. My dad was the exact same age.

    Thank you for posting this.

  4. By jingoes there’s some writerly detail in there. Beautifully done, Trev. Did you take a beta blocker or something to deliver that? I’d have been bawling my eyes out by the time he got to cleaning the pool. In fact I did get a bit misty eyed listening, and I never met him.
    It’s heartening to remember that often the best dads are those who’ve had really bad dads. Your dad being a case in point.
    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    Cheers, Anson.
    PS where are you sequestered? I’m giving the $3 dollar a bottle Aldi wine a right kicking. (You can read about my isolation on Saturday.)

  5. Trevor Blainey says

    Firmly sequestered South of the Hipster Proof fence (Bell Street) in Alphington Anson. Walking distance to Dan’s but I usually need a car when I go there. Got the mask, the sanny and the wipes to continue that trek. Thanks for the nice words. Nothing on board when I stood up for that, just concentrated on the old lady in the front row.

  6. Quintessentially Australian yarn and life. Could turn their hand to anything. Well played both of you. Dad is 88 and playing golf twice a week. Seems indestructible. But.

  7. Frank Taylor says

    Fantastic Trevor.
    What a wonderful man. You have truly been blessed.
    AJC – you are right. They, fathers and mothers, who have had a a-not-so-ideal start in life often, so often, are the VERY best.
    My mum was one of those people, and I cried Trevor when when you related your father’s account of his father’s desertion of the family. My mum was the same, and it shaped her whole life. To give her family what she had missed out on. She wound up in an orphanage in 1917 thereabouts. On her deathbed she asked me “Did I have a good childhood?” I could honestly answer “Yes Mum, I did, thanks to you.”
    Your father was of the same caliber. A truly great human being.
    I read recently that: “History is made of lots of little stories.” and Ron’s is one of them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Trevor Blainey says

    Thanks Peter. It’s great your dad is still playing golf. Keeping energised is a big part of a long innings I reckon. Good for him.

    And Frank, thanks for those nice thoughts. He was a good fella. A successful life in the things that matter. In reaching out to Tony Wilson and then Harmsy I was keen for that life to be noted and I’m really pleased they provided the space for that. I think the quote about history is apt.

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