Almanac Books: ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ – What’s better than a jumper punch? A jumper lunch!

Gigs doesn’t go in much for the ‘jumper punch’ in footy, in fact he prefers a ‘jumper lunch’ such as he enjoyed at the launch of ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ at the recent Footy Almanac lunch. Gigs reports on a fantastic event enjoyed by all in attendance.

Almanac Books: Introducing…The Footy Jumper Book

Andrew Gigacz and his mate Tim Rath have released the first volume of ‘The Footy Jumper Book’. Gigs provided this insight into Vol. I with a follow-up second edition already in the pipeline.

Vale John Devaney: A hidden legend of footy

For almost 50 years, John Devaney chronicled the major and not so major Australian football leagues and the players involved in them. In a moving tribute, Gigs pays his respects to an unsung and largely unknown historian of the game.

The strange case of Archie Whitfield

The ‘one game only’ club contains a plethora of interesting stories. Archie Whitfield is one such case, as related here by Gigs in an excerpt from his forthcoming book with Mick Rees.

AFLW: The first 100 games

The milestone of the first 100 games played of AFLW footy has just been reached. Gigs reflects upon some of the facts and figures of this accomplishment.

The Tale of the Tiger Tape — 2019

Anagrams, interesting stats, and more as Gigs reviews Richmond’s premiership winning season in his own inimitable style.

The ultimate injured testicle listicle

What is a testicle listicle? ‘Listicles are often derided — quite fairly — as cheap, lazy content,’ writes Gigs. ‘But as someone who is cheap and lazy, and who loves lists and writing articles, I find the idea of creating one kind of attractive. For me, though, it has to be a listicle with a twist.’ Read on with caution – only Gigs could come up with this one which includes suffering sportsmen like Scott Thompson and Bumble!

Round 23 – Richmond v Bulldogs: 2016 versus 2017

Gigs is getting bullish about his Bullies, even after a three point loss!

August 15th – A Day of Reckoning

Gigs fills us in on the significance of August 15 2017 as he embarks on another Radox-fuelled season with the Clifton Hill CC

Looking for a win

Facing crisis, Edvard Munch chose oils and gave us The Scream. When Dante explored the ramifications of the Inferno, he turned to poetry. Both used art in times of crisis. Here Gigs follows Dante’s path for his Dogs.

Gigs Ladder Comp Grand Final Update – We have a winner!

Gigs has a winner.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 21 Update – Can any good come from this?

Essendon ninth? Surely someone at AFL is in Gigs’s Ladder Ladder comp.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 18 Update – Parallel universes

Wondering how things might look in the Ladder comp if Essendon is stripped of their points and relegated to 18th on the ladder? Wonder no more – Gigs is on to it.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 18 update – Way to go, bro!

Back in the good old days – round 9 to be exact – things were much simpler. Richmond was where they should be, just outside the eight, Adelaide and West Coast were top eight teams and Hawthorn and Geelong were equal top of the ladder.How things have changed!

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 9 – Theo gets the heave ho

The mighty have fallen. How? Well it’s probably a bit to do with West Coast, who jumped from 11th to 6th with their win over GWS. That ladder shuffle has led to a ladder ladder shuffle, with Theo slipping from top to 10th and Michael Ba the new outright leader, on 40 points.

The Gigs Ladder Comp Round 8 – Theo beats Freo

Geelong may have been knocked off the top of the ladder but young Theo Harms remains at the pinnacle of the ladder ladder.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 7 update – It’s all in the family

Almanacker tacker, Theo Harms, is leading all and sundry in the World Famous Ladder Ladder competition, run by your host, Andrew Gigacz. How are you placed? Check it out.

Gigs Ladder Comp

The Gigs Ladder Comp is entering its 23 year. Get on board.

GigStuff 60 – Bad kicking is good for Gigs

  by Andrew Gigacz   BAD KICKING IS GOOD FOR GIGSTUFF There’s been a glut of bizarrely inaccurate scores in the first few rounds of this season. Freo scored 7.15 against Carlton on Friday night and Brisbane followed that up with 4.17 just 24 hours later. OK, those are inaccurate scores but not so bizarre, [Read more]

GigStuff 59 – 1934 revisited?

  by Andrew Gigacz A DOG OF AN ANZAC DAY FOR FOOTSCRAY Sure, it was heartbreaking for the Bombers to lose by a point to their arch-enemy Collingwood. But let’s face it, they’re 4-1 and sitting pretty on the ladder with a ten-day break and a home game against Brisbane to come. The real losers [Read more]