Looking for a win

I couldn’t concentrate on the cryptic crossword this morning while having my coffee. I wrote down the following words instead.

The confidence of Doggies folk
Is at an all-time low
Just when will we next win a game
Is what we want to know

Most everyone is feeling pain
And brimming with frustration
The CEO, the coach and those
Up in administration

The bootstudders, the president
The cheersquad banner makers
The fans who listen in from home
(The wintertime leaf-rakers)

The fans out in the outer
Those watching on the telly
Pickers, Gia, Bob and even
Marcus Bontempelli

We all bleed red and white and blue
We all want the same thing:
“Sons of the West” from all our mouths
As we rejoice and sing

But we must never lose our faith
Despite our empty larder
We must all do what Macca says
And keep on working harder

Eventually the tide will turn
We’ll kick a winning score
And revisit the glory days
Of 1954



About Andrew Gigacz

Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. Great work, Gigs!
    My wife feels your pain…

  2. Thanks, Smokie. Tell her to keep the faith!

  3. cowshedend says

    Nice work Gigs, apparently we are going very nicely in the ‘honorable loss’ table though.
    Faith and Doubt, Thomas sort proof that Jesus had risen from the dead, we are asked to show faith in a far less plausible proposition… a Dogs flag.

  4. Neil Anderson says

    Us older Bulldog supporters looking for the next Dog flag now make Doubting Thomas seem like a gullible believe-anything type of guy.
    Thanks Tigers for taking some of the heat although it just delays the Club imploding.

  5. Thanks, CSE. Neil, mark my words, the Dogs will win a flag by 2020. Put it in the book – in pencil.

  6. might be the white flag Gigs!

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