Australia v New Zealand – Gabba Test, Day 2: Beach Cricket, Olympics & Bondi

Luke Reynolds on one of the most tumultuous days in cricket history. Really.

West Indies batting is bad news

By Steve Healy It was a day that started with the West Indies at the crease, and ended with the West Indies at the crease, a day where 15 wickets fell, all West Indian ones. Adrian Barath was the clear highlight of the day, with an inspiring 2nd innings century on debut, in a West [Read more]

First Test, Day 2: Gabba Test not quite the same when you’re working in Canberra

by John Harms I’m always at this Gabba Test. Mainly because I haven’t had a job since 1991, when the West Indies still ruled the earth and had blokes who could bowl quicker than any radar gun said they could – or says this current crop can. But life moves on. And I start the [Read more]

Day One: Two exams and one Test

First Test: Australia V West Indies, Day 1 By Steve Healy Exams. They’re not as bad as you think, especially when you get to go home early. All day, my mind is on the cricket and of course the Draft, not school work. I get through my science exam unscathed, but then again, where will [Read more]

No balls a problem for Windies bowlers – and Tommy

1st Test Gabba: Australia v West Indies- Day one by John Butler Preoccupations on a sunny Brisbane day Another Test season begins amid rain clouds over scenic Mount Helen (my humble abode). Break the champagne over the bow, or rather, wheel out Greigy and Heals for another pitch report. For a pitch that looks like [Read more]

First Test, Day 1: Ivins on edge in the office; Aussies have edge on the field

By Tim Ivins That there is excitement leading up to the first test has been a testament to the Cricket Australia’s spin doctors. Articles of Hauritz developing a ball that will actually spin and the future of test cricket have created interest in the media. The bagmen clearly think the West Indies loss to Bangladesh [Read more]