Second Test, Day 1: Mohammads make a mountain for Aussies to climb

By Steve Healy A few days ago, I told my good friend Gigs that I’d be able to report on day one of the cricket. But after doing so, I realised that the Test started on Sunday, the day we were hosting my sister’s Italian boyfriend (who came to Australia on Wednesday) for a barbeque [Read more]

Ridiculous things you really didn’t need to know about this Test match

By Andrew Gigacz AUSTRALIA IN SYDNEY is an anagram of IN A RAINY DAY TUSSLE.   PAKISTAN IN SYDNEY? is an anagram of YES! AND STAY IN PINK!   DRAW IN SYDNEY is an anagram of DRY ENDS. I YAWN.   A TIE IN SYDNEY is an anagram of I.E. DENY SANITY.   Australia were [Read more]

First Test, Day 4: Aamer red hot, Healy red-faced

By Steve Healy Going to the Boxing Day test is a rarity for me, in actual fact I’ve only been twice before. Last year on day three, and in 2005 on day four. On both occasions, the visiting team was South Africa. While walking into the MCG on a sunny December 29, I realised that [Read more]

First Test, Day 5: Hauritz warms the cockles of an old non-spinning-offie bowler’s heart

by Patrick O’Keeffe History indicates that chasing 422 on a fifth day wicket is a difficult prospect. Nevertheless, with Pakistan well placed at stumps, against a young bowling attack which has struggled to take 20 wickets in recent times, there is the sense that this could be an enthralling day of cricket. Due to a [Read more]

First Test, Day 4: In search of the pivotal moment

By Andrew Gigacz Day four of the Boxing Day Test match. Potentially the best day. I’ve never really understood the whole Boxing Day thing. I mean I understand that it’s become a bit of a Melbourne sporting tradition. Huge crowd. Big expectations, no matter who the opposition. But in the context of a Test Match, [Read more]

First Test, Day 2: Views, Sport, Weather on Channel 9

by John Harms Cyclone Laurence has been gallivanting around the country this Christmas. He started up on the North-west Shelf, then had a puff at Port Headland, drifted towards Uluru where he turned the rock into a giant roof (it was just a pity there were no tanks to catch the run off), hooked up [Read more]

First Test, Day 1: The smoking lady, the PM and the photo finish

by Matt O’Connor It doesn’t take me long on Christmas Day to start thinking about my main present: cricket at the MCG the next day. Today we were entertained by Michael Burke in the MCC Dining Room. But before we get to that, let’s topple a couple of Boxing Day myths. First, the Boxing Day [Read more]

Boxing Day: What does it mean to you?

by Andrew Gigacz The Boxing Day Test at the MCG is a tradition that seems to have been around forever. In truth, it’s a concept that only really took hold in the 80s. As late as the end of that very decade, the ACB (now Cricket Australia) were still tinkering with it. In 1988, the [Read more]

Sheffield Shield, SA v WA: The Hill, the Hilditch and the Hughes

by Patrick O’Keeffe I arrived at Adelaide Oval on the first morning of the Shield game between Western Australia and South Australia, feeling a great deal of apprehension. Since my last visit, the Edwin Smith, George Giffen, and Mostyn Evans Stands had been pulled down, which saddened me. I really loved those stands. Andrew Hilditch was [Read more]

Punter’s Predicament

A good trick in life is to get out while you’re ahead. No one wants to be stuck with the cleanup when the party’s over. It’s often better for your reputation to remain a vision of eternally splendid youth, than to suffer the indignities of ageing. To be Jim Morrison, not Mick Jagger. Team sports [Read more]

Third Test, Day 5: This is the end

After an extra half an hour on Day 4 stumps were called with the West Indies 51 runs short of a potentially transformational victory. Australia on the other hand were a solitary wicket away from a flattering victory. Day 5 was set up. The potential of a grand stand finish was just as strong as [Read more]

Third Test, Day 3: Introducing the Test Cricket Quaddy

by Chris Riordan Here’s a new betting medium I’ve just uncovered. As we know, they’re what keep sports afloat. It’s the Test Cricket Quaddy and you’d have scooped the pool if you got it right by tonight. The challenge is to pick runs and wickets per session, from tea one day until stumps the next.

Third Test, Day 2: A Day In The Life Of An Accountant

by Damian O’Donnell (Note – at least 50% of this story is fictional) I’m sitting at my desk with my brown cardigan on (the one with the brown leather elbow patches) singing that well known accountants’ song “For Every Debit There’s A Credit” (sung to the tune of “Stairway To Heaven”). The cricket is on [Read more]

Third Test, Day 1: Gabba grass memories – cheery; WACA prospects – dreary.

I was reminded by the WACA test today, and I’m not sure why, of December 1979 when the West Indies came to the Darling Downs, to Gold Park, in Toowoomba. I had played quite a few Colts games there. The Windies side included Cuthbert Gordon Greenidge and Desi Haynes, IVA himself, and both Murrays, DA [Read more]

Cricket: Woods the goods for first-class question

In a typical pre-Christmas work-avoidance email conversation with some fellow Almanackers, the cricket savvy Tony Roberts offered us (the finest literary, mathematical and anagrammatical minds of the Almanac brigade; his words, not mine), a sporting quiz that was used at the Victorian ASSH Christmas dinner. One question of particular interest to me was the following: [Read more]

The Legend of Chicken Man

Not over the Hill – Issue 1 by Andrew Gigacz I’ve been known by many nicknames over the years. These days most people know me simply as “Gigs”. But at various points in my life, and for various reasons, I’ve also had the monikers Gene, Roy, Bop and, more recently in these tech-dominated times, Gigabyte [Read more]

The game – by Debbie Kairn

After stumps Pitch dark Crickets play

Tassie and WA produce one for the ages

by Patrick O’Keeffe The Sheffield Shield competition is just grand. Occasionally, the competition turns out an absolute pearler of a game. Take this little blinder of an encounter which finished on Friday afternoon at the beautiful Bellerive Oval. I observed from a distance, receiving updated scores via the internet over the four days. It is [Read more]


by Damian O’Donnell A month or so back I wrote something silly about how silly Spring is. I was suggesting that in Spring we are frivolous and breezy in our attitude to life. We punt on horses, we marvel as the new garden emerges out of the winter ground, and we go outside for reasons [Read more]

Cricket: What if they had a game and nobody came?

If you’re asking the above question, there’s a fair chance that you’re at a Sheffield Shield match. Yours truly was moved to venture down to the Big Smoke to watch day one of the Victoria v South Australia Shield clash. This decision was mainly prompted by a desire to see Brad Hodge’s MCG Shield swansong. [Read more]