Wicket Keeper


'Wicket Keeper' Pen and ink sketch, Kate Birrell

‘Wicket Keeper’ Pen and ink sketch, Kate Birrell


I am sitting here at my desktop doing odd jobs such as paying bills and booking tickets to things. It’s 8:51am and the first day of school holidays. The pace is off.

I am in the upstairs lounge room, kids area, at silly mid-off as it turns out. I have almost been whacked in the head by a cut shot down the carpeted pitch. The rubber, pock marked ball with coca-cola still vaguely inscribed upon it, whooshes past my ear, deflecting from the 22inch screen and slamming into the newly installed window furnishings. The antique white plantation shutters clap shut, all at once.

There’s no damage, but I exclaim with some exasperation, “Do you have to?”.

“Yes, I do, I”m playing a match…..your computer shouldn’t be up here” retorts the voice of the helmet clad batsman. He is standing pleased and satisfied, in front of yellow plastic wickets. They obstruct the entrance to his sisters bedroom. She will walk into them when she wakes up and leaves her room, albeit in a few hours time. She will holler and appeal with utter frustration and annoyance, but it will make no difference.

The game will go on.

None of which has anything to do with my sketches. They are quick observations of the local wicket keeper as my son and his friends waited for training to start.


'Wicket Keeper, Carnegie Cricket Club' - Kate Birrell 2014.

‘Wicket Keeper, Carnegie Cricket Club’ – Kate Birrell 2014.


  1. Brilliant sketches, Kate.
    And a new take on the words “wicket keeper” also…

  2. Hi Kate,

    Your sketches are wonderful and remind me that cricket games can be played thanks to wicket keepers. I would appreciate them for great works when I watch or play cricket.

    You are doing great works, Kate.

    Best Wishes


  3. Thanks Smokie and Yoshi

  4. Warwick Nolan says

    Love your work Kate.
    You are so talented.

    Carnegie ground brings back some memories for me from 1973. My friend Tony and I had now finished HSC. I was playing cricket for McKinnon so he took up umpiring in the then VJCA. You wouldn’t believe it – but his first game was McKinnon versus Carnegie at Carnegie.

    Now Tony was a ardent Richmond fan and as luck would further intervene, the opening bowler for Carnegie was one Grant Allford. A fringe player, Grant was overlooked by selectors for the 1973 premiership team although he played a number of games throughout the season. Tony was a fan but argues to this day that his decisions were merit based and he was in no way overawed by the celebrity of a VFL star.

    PS. The scorebook read:
    Nolan LBW Allford 16
    (It was the first of seven LBW Allford in that innings!)

  5. Thanks Warwick.
    Love the club anecdotes and glad you retrieved a few handy runs before your dismissal.
    It’s our first season at Carnegie, looking forward to a few relaxing Friday nights.

  6. Warwick Nolan says

    Hi Kate,

    You are such a talent. Perhaps you will do some more of your fabulous sketches from other grounds around the traps. I would love to try and identify from your sketch.

  7. Yes, each year I think that I must do some sort of series of grounds..footy and cricket and scoreboards.

    It sounds like a good summer project though, they could be far and wide given the holidays though.

    Stay tuned Warwick

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