FEARLESS 2020 Round 2: …some 12 weeks later, we’re back! Rusty, but anything’s better than nothing

FEARLESS is back with his take on the AFL’s Round 2 after taking time out to voice his thoughts on Jeff Kennett’s economic rationalist theory of club survival in the 21st Century.

AFL 2020 Round 2 Review – Adelaide and the Dogs are in trouble, but Port and Gold Coast take giant leaps forward

Sean Mortell offers an extensive game-by-game review of all the Round 2 action. There was much that didn’t go to expectations.

Round 2 – Carlton v Melbourne: Honourable losses butter no parsnips

Peter Fuller laments the slow starts of the Carton FC – especially this one. But, while admiring the gritty comeback, he notes the butterless parsnips.

Round 2: Is that it?

John Harms is interested to know how people have responded to the return of footy.

Round 3 – Reports and Scores

Round 3 2020 Reports and Scores.