FEARLESS 2020 Round 2: …some 12 weeks later, we’re back! Rusty, but anything’s better than nothing

FEARLESS is back with his take on the AFL’s Round 2 after taking time out to voice his thoughts on Jeff Kennett’s economic rationalist theory of club survival in the 21st Century.

Round 2 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Behind the pub’s velvet rope

What do you do when the footy’s back on but the pub is fully booked? Jarrod Landells and Shirl (“QUEENSLANDER!!”) come up trumps.

AFL 2020 Round 2 Review – Adelaide and the Dogs are in trouble, but Port and Gold Coast take giant leaps forward

Sean Mortell offers an extensive game-by-game review of all the Round 2 action. There was much that didn’t go to expectations.

Round 2 – Brisbane v Fremantle: A Brisbane perspective

Brisbane managed to scrape past Fremantle in their round two encounter up at the Gabba. Despite taking home the four points, Sam Evans wasn’t convinced by the Lions’ shaky effort.

Round 2 – Brisbane v Fremantle: And the future is now

English and Music teacher Shane Reid takes his inspiration from the pandemic and other dystopia for this report of the clash between the Lions and the Dockers.

Round 2: Is that it?

John Harms is interested to know how people have responded to the return of footy.

Round 3 – Reports and Scores

Round 3 2020 Reports and Scores.