Round 10: Port Adelaide v Richmond – Tigers wanted win more than Power

As a casual worker at K-Mart I’mm only given one shift aweek. One shift. I’m available any time outside school hours except for one time. When Richmond plays. When I took up my port time job I was sure these two commitments would never clash. I was wrong. 3:00-6:30, I won’t even get to see [Read more]

Crows needed Cuba for extra bite

Cuba runs the gamut of emotions at Trevor Barker Oval. How’s that old showbiz chestnut go? …“never work with children or animals?” Trevor Barker Beach Road Oval on Saturday proved an unlikely venue for such a cliche’. Yes indeed, standby for another patented VFL introduction “tangent” …the first leg of another footballing daily double – two matches in [Read more]

Fickle Fev Fires Up in Fourth Quarter Surge

By Steve Healy The Lions are in danger. After five losses in a row following a 4-0 start, Brown and Fevola have supposedly playing injured and they have arguably lost their three best defenders in Merrett, Drummond and Adcock in the blink of an eye to bad injuries. This puts enormous pressure on blokes like [Read more]

Blues Midfield as Hot as the Mexican food

By Steve Healy It was another quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Carlton, coming into the game four players out injured, and coming off a bad loss, gave the Eagles a sneaky chance coming into this match under a closed roof at Etihad. After I heated up some left over Mexican food (delicious stuff) I settled [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats Round 10: Saints in 47th heaven

Stats Entertainment Round 10 By Andrew Gigacz 47TH HEAVEN FOR THE SAINTS St Kilda cemented their reputation as the 47-point specialists with their win over Adelaide on Saturday night. Since 2004, there have been 11 games that have had a final margin of 47 points. Four of those have involved the Saints and they’ve won [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 10 – stars far apart

raising our beers to Didak’s first he snags another stars far apart – Cloke sends a long bomb to nowhere talk of a leadership spill – Maxwell loses traction on his own line rock in the stream – Ball stands in a tackle of four a mark only Brown could take taken again shimmering floodlight [Read more]

These Eagles show few signs of Rocking

There was a time way back in the 90’s when clashes between these two clubs were something to really savour. Some of the best home & away games I’ve ever seen were between these sides around that period. Foremost in my memory is the titanic struggle in Perth, late in our last Premiership year of [Read more]

The View From Shepparton- Round 10

Went to the Essendon Bulldogs game on Friday night. I tipped Essendon so I left the ground feeling pretty smug and content with life I also left the ground feeling content because I had enjoyed a fast free flowing game in the company of my wife, our daughter, son in law,  and their four children, [Read more]

Essendon continue their great form

As  young kid I went with my family to the Footsray Football ground  to watch Essendon take on the Bulldogs. on a number of occasions . One game in particular will always stay in my memory. On this particular day Footsray were giving Essendon a footy lesson, it was bitterly cold and very very wet [Read more]


What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Gliders emphatically announced they’d found the rubber band that makes them Fly High, and the talk along Puckle Street is of September Action, although it’s not yet clear whether it will be under their Caretaker Coach or someone who has actually played in Red&Black.  Meanwhile, around [Read more]

It’s true – Two Wrongs don’t make a Right.

By Ramon Dobb The game was wrong, Wrong, just plain WRONG.  The Black & White effort was WRONG, the Green Martians effort was WRONG and as the mathematicians and academics will know, it therefore calculated out to a result that was just not RIGHT. This is my fourth footy season as a “Mexican” based on [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 10

ROUND 10 Essendon versus Western Bulldogs Etihad Stadium, Friday, May 28th. At breakfast on Sunday, Tommy and I discuss our uninspired victory over the Tigers the night before.  I try very hard to concentrate on the old bloke’s quarter-by-quarter analysis of the game, but it is difficult because when he’s breaking his fast, Tommy knows [Read more]

Cats too strong despite promising Demon debut

Geelong V Melbourne By Steve Healy After a tough week, there is nothing better to do than forget about it all and watch your team play for the four points. This was the case with my beloved Melbourne outfit today. Were we going to win? Probably not. Was I looking forward to this game? Yes [Read more]

Tigers Romp in the Swamp

ROUND 10 – RICHMOND vs PORT ADELAIDE “…YELLOW AND BLACK! Oh we’re from Tiiii-gerrr-land!” So sang the Tigers at the end of the match. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t watch matches, but prefers to read Almanac reports about the match in suspense, wondering who’s going to win, well, what can I say? [Read more]

Victory at last for young Tigers

By Domenic Favata If you saw the inner sanctum of the Richmond song at the end of the game, you knew something special had happened. Richmond had finally broken through to their first win of the year, with a 47 point drubbing over lack lustre Port Adelaide. The rain was pelting down and an extreme [Read more]

Doggies’ G’s and H’s not minding their P’s and Q’s

Essendon v Western Bulldogs I attended my first Almanac lunch with my parents in Melbourne at the All Nations Hotel. It was a great experience, meeting new people and putting faces to names. It was also great to sit and watch as Shane Morwood and Mick Gleeson recounted the 1990 Grand Final and other events [Read more]


What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Since we last spoke Carlton, like an English summer, have been and gone.  And like an English summer, you had you get up early to catch it.  The Fuchsias snuck in BTNPM against The Chokers and are knocking on Heaven’s Door at 9th.  Over in the City [Read more]