AFL Round 13: North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: I like Roos’ approach but Dogs do enough to win

North Melbourne versus Western Bulldogs 2.10pm, Sunday, June 28 Melbourne Cricket Ground By Andrew Starkie It’s funny what the mid-season break, a new coach, Boomer’s return and school holidays can do.  I’m looking forward to today’s game.  There’s a freshness in the air, like the start of a new season. I have another reason to [Read more]

AFL Round 13: North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: I’m not disappointed because I don’t expect to win

By Josh Barnstable Waking up early, I get that feeling that my fellow country kids may get when you wake up on the morning of going to an AFL match, whether you’re seeing your team play or just two neutral clubs battle it out. Anyway it’s 7.30 and I’m up, which is unusual on a [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Pies prey on Pavlich-less Dockers

By Paul Fahey PREAMBLE: On the morning of the game I stopped to think about whether there had actually been a memorable game in the Collingwood v Fremantle brief history. There was a game a while back on a Monday night where they beat us but it was a very ordinary game. Round 22 last [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Rufus nickname goes out the back Dawes

By Andrew Fithall “Rufus” is the nickname I have been trying to apply to Collingwood’s Chris Dawes for some time. Mind you, I haven’t been trying very hard. My biggest effort was a couple of seasons ago when Collingwood was still aligned with Williamstown and Rufus was running around at Burbank Oval. A friend Jason [Read more]

Round 13: St Kilda v Richmond: At least Milne didn’t kick a goal

By Michael Allan It’s that time of year again. That day when I question whether I should turn up to watch. The day when bad memories come back to haunt me. Today Richmond play St Kilda. Many Richmond supporters would say they hate Carlton, Essendon or Collingwood the most. Not me, if there’s one team [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Brisbane v Melbourne: We just need Watts to do a Naitanui

By Steve Healy Another Saturday had come, and it was back off to the Bentleigh Club in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. The school holidays had finally arrived and I could now spend a whole weekend not worrying about completing homework and concentrating only on footy. I didn’t rate the Demons much of a chance in the [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Five in a row — thanks Freo!

By Danielle Eid As Round 13 came along so did the school holidays. As I left the school gates I was bursting out in song, singing: “Ceeeeelebrate good times — come on!!” The holidays couldn’t have come fast enough. But unlike most students, even though I’m on holidays I’m still constantly thinking about school work. [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Essendon v Carlton: Bombers score best win in Knights era

By Damian Watson Another very eventful Friday indeed! It is the end of the school term, two very notable American entertainers have passed away (Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett), and we are witnessing another huge build-up to a season-defining clash between Essendon and Carlton at a packed MCG. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the 83,407 [Read more]

AFL Round 13: Essendon v Carlton: Lloydy kicks goals at both ends of the house

By Pamela Sherpa It almost feels like the start of a new season. Does the split round harm or help teams? Is momentum broken or are players refreshed? Essendon played last week but Carlton didn’t. When the ball bounces it will count for little. A finals berth is an incentive for these arch rivals. Carlton, [Read more]