AFL Round 13: Essendon v Carlton: Lloydy kicks goals at both ends of the house

By Pamela Sherpa

It almost feels like the start of a new season. Does the split round harm or help teams? Is momentum broken or are players refreshed?

Essendon played last week but Carlton didn’t. When the ball bounces it will count for little.

A finals berth is an incentive for these arch rivals. Carlton, no doubt, were wounded by defeat after their last encounter with the Bombers. The challenge for my team, Essendon, is to back up their victory.

It’s going to be one of those nights. Listening to the game for three quarters until the telecast starts and then darting back during TV play of the first quarter to check the last-quarter scores in real time. Waiting for the telecast to start at 9.45p.m (in the Snowy Mountains, NSW) is punishing.

It’s becoming a familiar dilemma on Friday nights. I need to know the score.

I must confess, I didn’t last the distance last week when we played the Dees and fell asleep before half-time of TV time. I’m determined to do better this week.

Listening via the internet is good. There’s a choice of broadcasters and no commercial breaks between goals. The siren sounds clearer and the noise of the crowd penetrates the commentary box. The only disadvantage is not seeing the actual play.

It’s been a big news day with the deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and, in Sydney, a freakishly unlucky truckie.

Suddenly it’s time to switch onto football. The dramas of the day may not be over yet.

As I tune into the ABC, Fev kicks the first goal of the game. It’s not what a Bomber fan wants to hear.

It doesn’t take long however for Fev to frustrate ABC Radio’s Parko. Once a coach always a coach, in his case. Parko bemoans Fev’s lack of second efforts.

The Bombers miss three gettable shots and the commentary team agree that  the Bombers have wasted early opportunities
During the first quarter Jobe Watson dominates in the centre, finding the ball, space and players to deliver to.

At quarter-time the Bombers are up by a point. 2.4 (16 ) to 2.3 (15).

It is far more nerve wracking listening to a game than watching it. When Carlton have the ball I feel dread. If we get it there’s no relief until I hear that the ball has gone through the goal posts.  I can’t tell if a player is lining up straight for goal although the commentators do their best to predict the likelihood of a player’s accuracy.

The suspense, I suppose, creates the excitement. But there are some games you just want to win and don’t care so much about the beauty of the play.
There’s anticipation, then either disappointment or elation.
Ten minutes into the second quarter Watson injures an ankle and it seemingly becomes  a turning point. Eddie Betts surfaces for Carlton and they seize the chance, gaining a 14-point lead. The Bombers are able to steady through old hands Lucas and Lloyd, who both score after being awarded 50-metre penalties.

The Bombers follow up with two more goals and at half time are four points in front.

8.5 (53) to 7.5 (49).

There is no shortage of descriptive language  emanating  from the commentary box. Fev  is described as having  played like a “mug lair” in the first half and Parko dishes out to the umps, claiming  some decisions are ludicrous.

From a football perspective I enjoy the frank commentary.

The challenge for Essendon in the second half is to lift in the absence of Watson. Lonergan and Stanton rise to the occasion and the Essendon speedsters come to the fore. Welsh does a great job restricting Judd – as much as that can be done.

The Bombers love to run, and they do, scoring six goals in the third quarter while the Blues add only one.

At three-quarter the Bombers have a six-goal lead, 14.9 (93) to 8.9 (57), so I stop listening and start watching.  This entails shifting rooms. Now I’m grateful for the commercial breaks as it means I can dart back and check the last quarter scores while watching the first quarter action.

Lloydy is scoring  goals at both ends of the house.

The Bombers are enjoying  their night and add another seven goals in the last quarter while Carlton add only one. Pears has done a good job on Fev, restricting him to two goals for the night.

I savour listening to the final moments as Paddy Ryder tops it off for the Bombers with a mark and goal. It will be worth sitting up to watch .

As I leave the broadcast I hear Parko describe Carlton’s performance as embarrassing.

Clocking onto the couch for the late night shift, I know I have some action to look forward to. Andrew Lovett’s highlights, Alwyn Davey running down players, Scotty Lucas returning to form, Lloydy and Monfries kicking goals , Prismall and Skipworth showing  their  worth, Welsh shadowing Judd and Paddy Ryder’s ruckwork, as well as his mark and goal on the siren.

There’s nothing like indulging in a double dose when you win.
Essendon 21.10.136 defeated Carlton 9.13.67

GOALS – Essendon:  Monfries 5, Lloyd 4, Lovett 3, Lucas 3, Skipworth 2, Stanton, Davey, Ryder, Reimers.
Carlton- Betts 3, Fevola 2, Gibbs, Judd, Simpson, O’hAilpin.
BEST –  Essendon: Monfries, Welsh, Lovett, Pears.
Carlton: Betts, Judd, Gibbs, Murphy.
Crowd: 83,407 at the MCG.
My votes: Monfries (E) 3, Welsh (E) 2, Lovett (E) 1.

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