AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Pies prey on Pavlich-less Dockers

By Paul Fahey

On the morning of the game I stopped to think about whether there had actually been a memorable game in the Collingwood v Fremantle brief history. There was a game a while back on a Monday night where they beat us but it was a very ordinary game. Round 22 last year but then again that was a flat game, maybe Round 1 last year where we beat them by a few goals – closer but you would not say memorable. Even with the added bonus of booing Tarrant it’s hard to get excited by a game against Fremantle – Saturday afternoon has, unfortunately, become a bit void of atmosphere for games as well so I ventured to the ’G feeling that we had a job to do but that was it … not excited, not toey, just that the job needed to be done.

We smashed them. They are pretty ordinary, we are pretty good! Job done, game not very memorable!

There were plenty.
–    We haven’t kicked 26 goals too often in the recent past and they came from 13 different goalkickers!!
–    Thought Cloke was good, hit the ball hard and kicked well. Thomas’ second half (17 possessions) was excellent – I feel we need his flair and spark to give us a lift from our pretty basic game plan at times.
–    We blasted out of the blocks again and dominated the first 15 minutes – quite a contrast to games earlier in the season. It is a lot easier to play the game you want to play when you are not playing “catch up”
–    Wellingham is having quality possessions and, along with Didak (and Pendles when playing), is adding a much needed touch of class to our on ball division.
–    Beams return was solid – I’m thinking that Mick wants to share the young players’ workload and figures that he will get a season out of the Beams/Sidebottom combination
–    Leigh Brown’s “crash and bash” on the forward line is certainly splitting the packs and allowing our crumbers to get plenty of opportunities
–    No Davis, no Pendlebury (currently the Horsborough Medal leaders) and still winning by 15 goals
–    Heath Shaw’s mark, Harry’s and Wellingham’s goals!

–    The Ruck! Hitouts AREN’T everything but they certainly can help your midfielders get their hands on the ball first! One can only imaging what our side would look like with a monster like Sandilands in the ruck.
–    Still reckon we have 5 or 6 players who are yet to find their place/role in the team. I like Dawes but he looked like he needed the run in the faster paced game, Cox is scary down back but looks OK going forward, Goldsack is solid when he hasn’t got the ball????
–    Medhurst’s shepherding on the goal line needs a little work!!!

–    Why doesn’t a player who is tackled have to make an attempt to get rid of the ball for it to be deemed a ball up?
–    When did the “deliberate behind” and “slung to the ground after disposal” rules that were introduced at season start last get paid???
–    Why would a player (Dodd) who is stretchered from the ground nearly unconscious and holds up the game for 6 minutes and is deemed to have concussion put back on the ground by his coach when you are 46 points behind?
–    Why is the jam in the post match donut no longer warm?

3 votes – . Alan Didak – 39 touches and each one done with class. Waxed the ball a bit with Swanny but at the moment is playing some brilliant footy and must be a headache for opposition coaches with their planning.
2 votes – Shane O’ Bree – 12 contested possessions, 9 clearances. Thought he was superb when the game needed to be won (start of 1st & 4th 1/4s) and was very clever with the ball. Does a load of body work in tight for a little guy.
1 vote – Dane Swan – 41 touches – could easily have got the 2 or 3 votes, another great game – even his kicking for goal looked good. Turning into Mr Reliable for the team, his work rate is phenomenal!

The Brodie Holland Medal is awarded to Alan Didak!

Don’t know if we are Top 4 material, but bring on the next nine weeks and we will see.  Must smash the Bombers this week to make up for Anzac day!

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