Dees bring it home, while I’m stuck at home!

Siren! We are now 2-2, what a win! And by so many points! Blood is pumping through the red and blue veins again! We are no longer a “worthless” team! I must be dreaming! And we were so close to winning against Collingwood!

Those were thoughts that flooded through my head after and during the game between the two famous MCG tenants. The worst thing about the game is that I wasn’t there to see it, having been “too sick” to attend the match. Mum thought it was best that I stay home and rest. I probably should’ve snuck out. I swung back on my chair as the ABC radio coverage began, to symbolize what a relaxing listening experience this match would be.

Things weren’t looking good early. My pre-game miniscule fear of the game going Richmond’s way was evolving into a large one as Riewoldt and Tambling both crumbed goals to shove the Richmond team two goals clear. The Tigers had the endeavour; the Dees couldn’t get their hands on the footy. Luckily, Petterd guided the ball between the two sticks from fifty in reply. The quarter flew by with goals aplenty. The scores were tied at 4.0 to 4.0 when the first behind was scored. As was expected, the Dees took front seat and went up 17 points ahead at quarter time, courtesy of a couple of ripping goals, Ricky Petterd out-did Wayne Harmes and slapped the ball to Bate who soccered a goal, and the Dees linked up beautifully with Green on the end of it all. The other good thing was that McDonald had arguably the best quarter of his career, racking up 14 possessions.

Whilst expecting the Dees to come out and bury the Tigers deep into the MCG surface, the Tigers found their gusto that they had early on in the match. Nason kicked a goal from a free kick, in the middle of a mass of behinds, which was incredible considering the accuracy of the first quarter. Morton snapped a brilliant goal for the Tigers, and I was starting to get worried when Trengove missed a sitter. At half time, we led by a goal, 7.7 49 to 8.7 55. The first quarter produced 13.3 from both sides, while the second produced 2.11, an incredible turn-around.

I licked my lips throughout the course of the third quarter. Petterd, Jamar, Bail, Green, Sylvia, Bartram and Green again all add goals, and the Tigers had startled to a halt. Scully was getting a heap of the ball. Like the motto of the Demons’ old major sponsor: Life’s good. Dees were up by a huge 50 points.

The last quarter began with a goal from Lynden Dunn; a player who many Melbourne supporters would’ve used to strangle if he turned up on their doorstep was finally showing some form. Troy Taylor (one of three Tiger debutants for the afternoon), kicked his first goal on the big stage. And then Colin Sylvia- in his return match, exploded with three goals in the second half of the last quarter, the best on the run from 50. The Tigers’ fans also got something to cheer about with a great goal from David Astbury on the boundary line. But at the end, it was the Dees by 55, 11.12 78 to 20.13 133. I have to give credit to Mark Jamar, who is second in hit outs in the AFL and had a beauty today. We were just too good- how many times have I been able to say that in the past few years? And things are only going to get better. Life’s awesome.

Richmond 5.2 7.7 7.9 11.12 (78)

Melbourne 8.1 8.7 15.11 20.13 (133)


Richmond: Riewoldt 3, Astbury 3, Taylor, Tuck, Jackson, Nason, Tambling.

Melbourne: Sylvia 5, Green 4, Bate 3, Bail 2, Petterd 2, McDonald, Dunn, Jamar, Bartram.


Richmond: Tuck, Astbury, Riewoldt, Deledio, Moore.

Melbourne: McDonald, Moloney, Sylvia, Green, Scully, Jamar, McKenzie, MacDonald, Bate, Petterd, Jones, Grimes.

My Votes: 3. James McDonald, 2. Brent Moloney, 1. Colin Sylvia.

Umpires: Kennedy, McLaren, Grun.     Crowd: 42,594 at the MCG.

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