The Monthly Teams

By Steve Healy

In recent times I have taken an interest in the birthdates of players. This interest sparked a ridiculous idea in my head to do some research and select the best players born in each month and see which the strongest side is. I have judged my selections based on career form, along with recent form. Here they are:


B- G.Birchall (HAW), S. Prestigiacomo (COLL), H.Slattery (ESS)

HB- R.Houlihan (CARL), P.Bower (CARL), M.McVeigh (ESS)

C- S.Pendlebury (COLL), K.Cornes (PA), L.Power (B.L)

HF- A.Goodes(c)(SYD), L.Franklin (HAW), J.Sherman (B.L)

F- J.Roughead (HAW), B.Fevola (B.L), R.O’Keefe (SYD)

FOL- B.Ottens (GEEL), L.Hayes (STK), B.Moloney (MELB)

INT- N.Jones (MELB), J.Fraser (COLL), A.Monfries (ESS), D.Headland (FRE).


B- R.Ladson (HAW), B.Lake (WB), Z.Dawson (STK)

HB- X.Ellis (HAW), T.Chaplin (PA), P.Duffield (FRE)

C- J.Corey (GEEL), C.Ling (GEEL), B.Sewell (HAW)

HF- D.Swan (COLL), J.Waite (CARL), C.Jones (STK)

F- J.Akermanis (WB), B.Hall (WB), A.Didak (COLL)

FOL- B.Hudson (WB), J.Watson (c) (ESS), N.Dal Santo (STK)

INT- D.Wells (NM), D.Beams (COLL), A.Welsh (ESS), J.Ziebell (NM).


B- J.Hunt (GEEL), T.Pears (ESS), J.Blake (STK)

HB- J.Gibson (HAW), N.Bock (ADEL), F.Ray (STK)

C- S.Thompson (ADEL), B.Gibbs (CARL), D.Cross (WB)

HF- B.Green (MELB), T.Cloke (COLL), S.Higgins (WB)

F- S.Milne (STK), S.O’hAilpin (CARL), D.Giansiracusa (WB)

FOL- P.Ryder (ESS), J.Bolton(c)(SYD), M.Priddis (WCE)

INT- S.O’Bree (COLL), D.Motlop (PA), R.Crowley (FRE), R.Gray (PA).


B- J.Drummond (B.L), M.Warnock (MELB), D.Milburn (GEEL)

HB- B.Johnson (COLL), A.Carlile (PA), S.Fisher (STK)

C- J.McVeigh (SYD), S.Black(c)(B.L), P.Dangerfield (ADEL)

HF- B.Deledio (RICH), J.Schulz (PA), J.Gram (STK)

F- S.Brynes (GEEL), M.Williams (ESS), T.Varcoe (GEEL)

FOL- W.Minson (WB), J.Lewis (HAW), D.Pearce (PA)

INT- D.Jackson (RICH), T.Walker (ADEL), T.Cotchin (RICH), B.Ebert (WCE).


B- D.Fletcher (ESS), D.Glass (WCE), B.Rutten (ADEL)

HB- J.Grimes (MELB), C.Bolton (SYD), A.McGrath (B.L)

C- L.Ball (COLL), B.Stanton (ESS), J.Selwood (GEEL)

HF- B.Harvey (NM), M.Kreuzer (CARL), A.Selwood (WCE)

F- A.Schneider (STK), K.Tippett (ADEL), B.Burton (ADEL)

FOL- N.Naitanui (WCE), G.Ablett(c)(GEEL), D.Kerr (WCE)

INT: K.Simpson (CARL), T.Scully (MELB), A.Walker (CARL), S.Baker (STK).


B- N.Maxwell (COLL), M.Scarlett (GEEL), M.Jamison (CARL)

HB- H.Grundy (SYD), H.Taylor (GEEL), B.Rawlings (NM)

C- D.Thomas (COLL), B.Cousins (RICH), P.Hasleby (FRE)

HF- A.Davey (MELB), M.Hurley (ESS), A.Embley (WCE)

F- R.Murphy (WB), D.Hille (ESS), L.Davis (COLL)

FOL- M.Leuenberger (B.L), A.Swallow (NM), L.Hodge(c) (HAW)

INT: N.van Berlo (ADEL), K.Jack (SYD), A.McQualter (STK), D.Rich (B.L).



B- J.Harbrow (WB), T.Williams (WB), T.Kennelly (SYD)

HB- H.Scotland (CARL), R.Hargrave (WB), L.Gilbee (WB)

C- S.Wellingham (COLL), R.Mundy (FRE), M.Murphy (CARL)

HF- B.Johnson(c)(WB), T.Hawkins (GEEL), C.Rioli (HAW)

F- S.Johnson (GEEL), M.Gardiner (STK), J.Brennan (B.L)

FOL- J.Charman (B.L), R.Griffen (WB), D.Mackay (ADEL)

INT: H.Ballantyne (FRE), B.Peake (STK), A.Joseph (CARL), R.Petterd (MELB).


B- M.Doughty (ADEL), L.Hansen (NM), N.Malceski (SYD)

HB- A.Mackie (GEEL), S.Gilbert (STK), M.Mattner (SYD)

C- J.Gwilt (STK), M.Boyd (WB), T.Boak (PA)

HF- B.McGlynn (SYD), S.Gumbleton (ESS), J.Garlett (CARL)

F- C.Brown (HAW), J.Kennedy (WCE), M.LeCras (WCE)

FOL- D.Cox (WCE), T.Edwards (ADEL), A.McLeod(c) (ADEL)

INT- M.Jamar (MELB), J.Surjan (PA), C.Dempsey (ESS), L.Picken (WB).


B- G.Broughton (FRE), L.Roberts-Thomson (SYD), D.Wojcinski (GEEL)

HB- C.Enright (GEEL), J.Frawley (MELB), S.Hurn (WCE)

C- L.Anthony (NM), D.Cassisi (PA), C.Bruce (MELB)

HF- C.Knights (ADEL), C.Mooney (GEEL), J.Davenport (PA)

F- L.Jurrah (MELB), J.Podsiadly (GEEL), J.Koschitzke (STK)

FOL- H.McIntosh (NM), A.Cooney (WB), C.Judd(c)(CARL)

INT: R.Dyson (ESS), M.Blake (GEEL), S.Gilham (HAW), J.Trengove (MELB).


B- R.Shaw (SYD), C.Hooker (ESS), G.Johncock (ADEL)

HB- M.Johnson (FRE), J.Rivers (MELB), T.Lockyer (COLL)

C- S.Burgoyne (HAW), S.Mitchell (HAW), B.Vince (ADEL)

HF- D.Rodan (PA), N.Riewoldt(c) (STK), J.Winderlich (ESS)

F- D.Petrie (NM), J.Brown (B.L), J.Westhoff (PA)

FOL- M.Clark (B.L), J.McDonald (MELB), B.Kirk (SYD)

INT: J.Riewoldt (RICH), A.Buchanan (B.L), A.McPhee (FRE), D.Addison (WB).


B- J.Adcock (B.L), B.Thornton (CARL), J.Russell (CARL)

HB- H.O’Brien (COLL), C.Cornes (PA), H.Shaw (COLL)

C- N.Eagleton (WB), L.Montagna (STK), N.Lovett-Murray (ESS)

HF- M.Stokes (GEEL), D.Bradshaw (SYD), P.Chapman(c) (GEEL)

F- B.Ebert (PA), J.Porplyzia (ADEL), E.Betts (CARL)

FOL- D.Jolly (COLL), C.Sylvia (MELB), M.Firrito (NM)

INT: B.Reilly (ADEL), S.King (STK), C.Mayne (FRE), M.Rosa (WCE).


B- D.Morris (WB), D.Merrett (B.L), J.Patfull (B.L)

HB- R.Hayden (FRE), L.McPharlin (FRE), A.Carrazzo (CARL)

C- S.Goodwin (ADEL), J.Bartel (GEEL), J.Kelly (GEEL)

HF- M.Rooke (GEEL), M.Pavlich(c) (FRE), C.Yarran (CARL)

F- P.Medhurst (COLL), W.Tredrea (PA), T.Hentschel (ADEL)

FOL- A.Sandilands (FRE), S.Tuck (RICH), M.Barlow (FRE)

INT: D.Armfield (CARL), D.Brogan (PA), N.Brown (COLL), H.Hocking (ESS).

Team Representatives:

Geelong: 24

Western Bulldogs: 21

Carlton, Collingwood, St.Kilda: 20

Adelaide, Essendon: 19

Port Adelaide: 17

Melbourne, Brisbane: 16

Sydney, Fremantle : 15

Hawthorn : 14

West Coast: 12

North Melbourne: 10

Richmond: 6

My Top 3 Teams:

1. January

2. May

3. October

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Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. John Butler says


    You forgot coaches. :)

  2. Steve Healy says


    I was going to do coaches before I found out that the AFL coaches are only born in I think 8 or 9 of the 12 months and Ross Lyon and Mark Thompson were both born in November as well. So if I did do coaches I would’ve had to borrow other coaches from previous era’s and it probably wouldn’t make much sense since all the players are current

  3. John Butler says

    Fair enough Steve.

    I should have known you had that covered. :)

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow, that’s a top effort Steve. Do you have some sort of database which sorts players by month, or did you just scan over the lists?

    By the way, check your email.

  5. Danielle says

    Nice! the May team has the Selwoods and Harvey!

  6. Wow Steve, this is impressive, so this is what you’ve been working on for ages?

    Keep it up. You’re a freak by the way.

  7. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for the comments guys,

    I just did it by scanning through the lists, it only took a few days.

    May is a spectacular team, but i just chose January as my favourite because of the magnificent forward line

  8. July’s Centreman: R Mundy (Freo)

    A rare mistake from you Steve.

  9. Steve Healy says

    D and R are quite close together on the keyboard

  10. 8: Hawk-eye?

  11. The glaring omission of Dustin Martin from the June team looks even more ridiculous now.

  12. Steve Healy says

    I apologise Adam, but there are many other things that would be changed if i did this now as well. I’d have Jack Riewoldt on the field replacing Westhoff, and my biased views wouldn’t be enough to keep Matthew Warnock in the full back position of the april team

  13. :)

  14. 12 – Westhoff instead of Jack Riewoldt? How the hell did I not notice that? Outrageous!

    Who would you put instead of Warnock? With my own biased view, I suggest Will Thursfield.

  15. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm I don’t think so Adam, Thursfield himself doesn’t have a garanteed spot in the richmond line up.

    Thanks Danni.

  16. Well, I knew Thursfield was an Aprilian, so I didn’t bother to think of anyone else.

  17. Stellar effort, Steve!

    I would argue though that the May team is superior, but that is only because it is my birth month and has Ablett and two of the Selwoods (could’ve had three of them!).

    With January and May, it’s a very close call. The inclusion of Goodes pushes me away from January, though. Truly cannot stand that man.

    p.s. As for coaches, maybe assisant coaches could’ve been taken into account? Sando and Bucks and the like?

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