AFL Round 3: The View From Shepparton


This week’s round proved yet again nothing is certain in the scheme of things. Thus sport is microcosm of life in general, it’s the way that individuals or teams react to the results of these uncertainties and the skills which they have available and the way that such skills are used which will determine outcomes as time goes on. I might add that a fanaticism to succeed could be an important factor too, (Freo seemed to lose this against the Hawks).


On the other hand there are some axiomatic things in life as well, one being that in the AFL home teams are very hard to beat.


In this second category can be placed Hawthorn’s demolition of the Dockers. Freo never looked close and it just shows how much off the pace they, and probably everyone else as well, really are. Liked Rioli’s mark and goal. This sort of play just underlines why our code is the best. Another feature which a lot of teams cannot emulate was Hawthorn’s ability to nullify Sandilands by getting most of the clearances. Guess we will have to see how the Hawks go when they play over “there”.


Adelaide is rapidly becoming one of the “easy-beats”. Certainly they have had and continue to have a shocking run with injuries but unless they start to show something, forget the big crowds for their games at Adelaide Oval. On the other hand Sydney have burst a losing bubble as it were with Franklin in particular at last showing something. From a footy purist’s point of view this can’t come soon enough as Sir Lancelot in full flight is a sight to behold. I had already written the Swans off this year believing like most that their recent signings had completely unbalanced the club.


West Coast at home were always going to beat St Kilda weren’t they? Well I believe that it was not a cake walk for the Eagles. St Kilda played well enough to give them a big fright. Fitting though that the best ruckman in the game, Dean Cox, in his 276th game was one of the Eagles best. St Kilda could have a great season yet, much to everyone’s surprise, but scoring only two goals in the second half of this game wasn’t helpful. Mark Lecras will be a big loss for West Coast.


Giansiracusa ought to be given a full game, must be better than his current station as the permanent sub. Richmond ended up being the “same old, same old”, unfortunately for their supporters. Stan Alves on the ABC program “The Sunday Inquisition” reckons that the Tigers are just too slow. Have to admit though that it was impressive that they did overcome that 37 point deficit only then to fall short. Another game in which I didn’t pick the winner.


Regrettably Brisbane will also be easy-beats this year as well. It’s heresy to say this but I reckon that Jonathon Brown has truly run his race, nevertheless as a forward it would be nice if he could occasionally be given a decent pass when on a lead. I had thought too that Brisbane would win this. Sweating on Rich’s injury and wondering what on earth Merrett thought he was up to in trying to elbow Swallow out of the game, not good for a senior player. Day and May are players to watch for the Suns. At least Rockcliff played well for us.


Collingwood were rolled for the first time in a couple of years by Geelong.  For me though the stand out player was Jamie Elliott, his five goals and perhaps one of the marks of the year should have inspired the side. Cloke is about like Brown, just can’t get into the game. Hawkins for the Cats, once he got going was tremendous. He is such a big bloke these days so that when on song and holding marks he should be impossible to stop. Overall this was a great game to watch.


How good are Greater Western Sydney? Well better than Melbourne that’s for sure but it was a home game for the Sprawls. Terrible conditions, terrible game to watch can’t remember any particular highlights.


In possibly the best game of the round North Melbourne outlasted Port, I liked the fact that at last they won a close one. Port Adelaide on the other hand have had their bubble burst, importantly in particular the notion that they can outlast anyone. Still they are a good team don’t you worry about that! The Roos could still make the four I reckon. Lindsay Thomas, who until a couple of weeks ago had not crossed my radar particularly, certainly has done so now.  I will be interested to see from here on in how he goes in each game. For Port, I thought that Broadbent’s goal on the run in the last quarter, which briefly restored the lead to them, would be enough to inspire a win.


Malt’s mob were thrashed. Sorry Carlton but I wonder how good a coach Mick really is. I reckon that there has to be more to being a coach than just going off every time something goes wrong which presently for Carlton seems to be an ongoing circumstance which could be terminal.



Giansiracusa’s goal to regain the lead for the Dogs, and stop the press, the Southern Stars winning the 20/20


Low: Another player with a life threatening neck injury this time in a footy game Albury v Wodonga. The ABC Website reported the circumstance thus:

An Australian Rules football player is in a critical condition after suffering spinal injuries in a country game on the NSW-Victoria border.

James McQuillan, who is aged in his 20s, was injured playing for the Albury Tigers in a home game on Saturday.

The match against Yarrawonga was called off after the accident happened.

McQuillan was airlifted to hospital in Melbourne overnight and was due to undergo surgery this morning, his club said.




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  1. Ben Footner says

    Franklin in full flight was indeed pretty (and as an opposition supporter painful at the same time) to watch live at the AO last weekend. He is one of those players that seems to have all the space and time in the world while others fumble and fall around him.

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