AFL Round 2 (at last) : The View From Shepparton

The issue of why the season has failed to really catch on thus far, has become front and centre largely because the crowds have been below par this year.

To me it is quite simple, and what follows has been said by many already, but to reiterate:

  • The season has become far too long and drawn out and is commencing way too early; there should be a greater gap between the end of the season of summer sports and the commencement of winter sports. I would argue that the season should begin on the first Friday in April.
  • Terrible scheduling.
  • Cost of attendance, a family of four say, unless it is comfortably middle class cannot afford it.

In short, corporate greed has brought about the above situation with TV ratings being considered to be more important than crowd attendance. This in turn has made the average observer cross and cranky about being manipulated for the sake of big business, rather than being given a product which might reflect their gut feeling for the game.

Now about Round Two.

There has been discussion recently about where Riewoldt stands in the pantheon of great players. I believe that he is right up there, unconditionally.  Second game in a row this season, best on ground, and in this instance saved St Kilda from a pretty impressive GWS outfit. First saw him in a game against the Lions when they were in their pomp back in 2003, I think, at Colonial or whatever it is or was, Stadium. A high kick went to centre half forward and this blond bloke burst the pack and took a screamer, never forget it. St Kilda that night won a great game by a couple of points. Getting back to the now, his aerobic capacity is incredible.

The Cats were too good for my mob, but I won’t have it that they were “far” too good. Brisbane let themselves down by making too many mistakes but I think that we have a lot to look forward to. For example this Mayes bloke really looks to have a future and the magician (Zorko? – Ed) is getting better all the time as well. Andrew Mackie played really well in his two hundredth, and of course Selwood and Johnson came up as well. Incidentally, am really impressed by Chris Scott’s observation that his team should be able to recover “perfectly” after a six day turn around and in so doing stating the obvious – a two hour flight each way shouldn’t be too onerous.

I am listening to a replay of the ABC’s “The Sunday Inquisition” and at present Nick Maxwell is being interviewed. The former Collingwood skipper is another player that I have always admired tremendously. Collingwood had a great win against an out of sorts Sydney whom I thought for most of the time had had this one won.

Fantastic to see that my old home town can use the Adelaide Oval to its full potential. Wasn’t so happy with the result. As an old Norwood man, never enjoy seeing the “real” magpies, (forget Collingwood for this title) prosper but against a terribly undermanned Adelaide. Port ended up getting a percentage booster. Notwithstanding my “Norwoodness”, I would have to have complete rocks in my head not admire the way that Chad Wingard plays the game. Not totally convinced about Port this year, as yet, but they have certainly burst out of the blocks.

In “same old, same old” results, Freo had an easy win at home and Melbourne were belted by West Coast, on this form they will get belted by everyone. Best of luck Roosy.

I actually broke my duck in that I was loudly and vociferously supporting Essendon against Hawthorn simply because I will nearly always support a team that is playing against the odds. Yes, whilst in the overall context they should not have got up it would have been fantastic had they been able to maintain the lead that they took in the last quarter but Rioli and Hill had other ideas in a barnstorming finish.

North Melbourne eventually overcame the Bulldogs in a game which most of the time didn’t reach such a high standard, but which was kept exciting by the closeness of the scores. Brent Harvey’s five bounce dash from the half back line to beyond the wing, ending with a great pass was scintillating stuff. Dahlhaus was really good and these days he really looks like a footballer – some other players with long locks ought to take notice.

Carlton were rolled at the end in another really exciting game, because of terrible goal kicking.

Highlight: Adelaide Oval

Lo-light: The injury to the Newcastle Knight’s Alex McKinnon

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  1. Ah PS – I totally agree with your comments about the poor crowds. Going to games is now too expensive and inconvenient – except for desperates like me who need a safe venue to scream at. TV is cheap and comfortable. I am sure there is a boffin in AFL HQ with an algorithm for maximising revenue by redirecting surplus demand to pay TV subscriptions – but it will leave the grounds half empty for many teams.
    “An economist is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
    Aish, Thomas, Georgiou – there are a lot of Redlegs doing themselves proud in the AFL this year. I thought Thomas was the reason Richmond won on Thursday(?) – his experience meant he kept his head when everyone else in Blue or Black lost theirs.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Peter 200 per cent correct re the season is way too long starting up far too early it is getting too hard just to be involved heavily at a local level for both cricket and football . Pricing of games is out of control and is out of the reach of a lot of people doesn’t that tell you the decision makers have completely lost the plot ? Peter the power are a combination side exactly like the crows born from there success in the sanfl none of that
    1870 crap . The redlegs contribution to the comp so far has been significan it was
    Thomas with his education at the parade helped win the tigers the game .James Aish has now played in more losses in the afl than he did in his career at the parade ( 2 flags 1 loss ) Mayes is going to be 1 of the elite players of the competition Thanks Peter

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Port I think are the real deal there midfield bats as deep as any 1 and another redleg in
    Jonas is 1 of the most underrated player in the comp his ability to play tall and small is as good as any 1s . Butchers inability with his kicking is there major liability

  4. Peter Schumacher says

    For those who were wondering, by “the magician” I did indeed mean Zorko.

    My boss, thirty years ago at the Department of Defence in Canberra said; “you’re fine checking leaves at lot to be desired”. Thanks yet again Peter for editing out most of my wypos! I think that actually I need to take a Bex, a cold shower and a good lie down before I send stuff in future although having the minister undertake a check also seems to be a good idea.

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