Round 2: The View From Shepparton

Remember folks it ain’t all over yet. Think Sydney last year, two games, two losses including that inglorious infamous first loss against those all time losers the Lesser Sydney Laughables. Now look, that rematch will be one of the games of round 3.

Meanwhile, I must confess as hinted at last week that I am feeling, as Kerry O’Keefe might say, “very bearish” about the Bears, (well they are currently playing like that side did in the bad old days before the glory years) sorry, Lions. Still, when I read about how “outs” are effecting other clubs, three names  Hanley, Rockcliff, and now Sauce immediately come to mind. So far though this has been less than inspiring start for us even though in the very short term they did put on  a Carlton sort of start against the Roos. Almost got excited for  a second or two there. Could someone please explain to me in a way that a two year old could understand why Carlton let Waite go?

Poor old  Mick is copping it. Perhaps “old” is the point, to be honest I don’t particular enjoy anyone being kicked when they are down but perhaps one needs to make an honest assessment of one’s capabilities before taking on a job like this particularly when one is getting to be a little more senior in years, or to put it another way, too bloody old. Of course you never know, as I said, “Think Sydney last year”, the Blues might go and win their next fifteen and then who will be the genius? Weagles at home far too good.

I think that the Power will be looking for a new coach now, yes two out of two losses and in fact  Sydney have had their measure for years. Other teams and their think tanks will be looking at the way Port were rolled and conclude that if enough pressure is applied, their fast moving slick game falls to pieces and passages of play which in the good times run the opposition ragged merely drop off to misplaced passes which are easily gobbled up and the situation reversed with the entire back line now out of position. Helps if you have Buddy playing at the top of his game of course. Sydney for Premiers, unless of course they get rolled next week by the (former) Laughables.

Adelaide are looking OK which given the fact that I am a born and bred Croweater, and given the fact that my preferred side are at the moment for reasons already proffered running around mostly like headless chooks, means that they are in an emergency, and it is currently an emergency, my sort of default second side, and thus give me a reason to less unhappy with my football supporting life. They did though let the Pies off the hook in that last quarter in a rather worrisome way, Their playing style is very reminiscent of that of the Power, not surprisingly, so it could be that they might wilt under a Swans type pressure which would stymie their game. We will find out in due course. Collingwood did nothing much to impress but they might rise from the dead too, has happened before.

Gold Coast look terrible and I hate seeing a champion playing injured and thus seriously falling short of his full potential. Aussie Rules is not in a good place in Queensland at the moment. St  Kilda were, thought that they might go winless this year.

Sorry Melbourne but it appears true that one swallow, or whatever it was does  not make a winter, same old, same old, find next week how good GWS really are. I wouldn’t put it past them to cause an upset. Don’t like Melbourne’s chances playing Adelaide in Adelaide.

Richmond looked rather sick but I for one thought that the Bulldogs would get up, they were OK last week against the Eagles. The problem with Richmond is that they aresuch a moody side and this tends to have a knock effect to their followers. Could be my lot as well as a Lions supporter.

Geelong is a has been side, get used to it. Freo are looking rather good.

I thought that the Freo v  Power game last week would take a heap of beating but it was. Essendon have picked themselves up off the canvas and James aside, the best of good luck to them. It was such a good result for the competition.


Highlight: Cale Hooker’s goal

Lowlight (for Hawthorn) The goal that wasn’t a spit second after the siren.


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