AFL Round 4: The View From Shepparton



I am commencing this rant with a rant. I am not happy, can’t get on line, messages coming up which say that I have no connection. Course I have a connection, had one yesterday, nothing’s changed except that my modem looks as dead as a dodo. Well I suppose that that is a big “except”! Why is it so!

Was going to go on to say that the footy is turning out to be depressingly similar this year to any one of the past few seasons. My mob were thrashed, I should have kept a tape of the first few seconds when they were in the lead, Sydney were thrashed, now paying big time for their greed and like the Lions no recovery is in sight. The Gold Coast were thrashed, I thought that they were the real deal this year but now it is obvious as so often before it is Hawthorn, Geelong, daylight. Port Adelaide and North Melbourne to make up the numbers.

Another depressing axiom, when star forwards, particularly those on a million dollar plus don’t perform and worse still in their non- performances look totally impotent the effect that it has on the morale of their team must be devastating. Buddy is the worst example but throw in Cloke (most of the time) Jack Riewoldt (some of most of the time) and Brownie, nearly all of the time this year, every week now that he plays underlines why he should have tossed it in last year if not the year before. Forget this nonsense that with these blokes even though they can’t get a kick their presence adds to the team. How can yet another turnover as the result of a spoilt lead or mark be of benefit? I will allow that the worse the form of the forward, usually the worse the delivery to him.

The next depressing thing is that injuries to star players are absolutely messing up clubs, particularly those without strong reserves to draw on, and through that the evenness of the completion. After four rounds, forget Brisbane, losing Rich and Leuenberger and Hanley is too much. And even though Adelaide beat St Kilda, until they get some of their stars back I won’t be a believer. Essendon have the disease as well, were severely undermanned against Freo who after their performance against the Hawks are yet to convince away from home. West Coast are also afflicted but would have lost against the Cats anyway playing at the Cattery. They just might not have lost by so much and so convincingly. Ultimately, perhaps more so this year, the premiership winner might be the last team standing.

Carlton are as dead as dodo’s this year, don’t know how that happy fact really benefits the competition. I can’t say that to be honest I derive much pleasure out of seeing Malt Mickhouse being stressed out at his workplace or indeed close ups of any other coaches doing it tough. Having said that, I don’t think that showing stress publicly is going to encourage players to stay calm and focussed when things are going wrong. I suppose that it could be argued as to whether I seriously think that a game without passion is a game at all.

Week’s highlight: North Melbourne beating Sydney at home.

Week’s lowlight: The Masters from an Australian perspective.






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