Almanac Life: 2020 Revolt

Revolt (verb) Cause to feel disgust. Similar: disgust, sicken, horrify, make someone’s flesh crawl, nauseate, offend, obnoxious, upset, shock, hideous, grisly, despicable, gross out.




Riots in the Capitol.  Fighting for an orange man. The home of democracy. Un-united.



Global death tolls. #notjustnumbers. Grandmas. Brothers. Children. I can’t get home. Who is next?



Wire fences. Locked gate. Two little girls.  A threat to national security? Weeks, months, years pass. Babies wanting to go back to Biloela.


Make someone’s flesh crawl

A man in power. A leader. Denial. I wasn’t notified. I didn’t read it. What if it was my daughter? Now I feel it.



Crisp Barossa Semillon. By the glass. No—the bottle. Dan Murphy’s is essential. Drinking myself through lock down.



Essential workers keep going. Keep our country running. The new front line. Still not vaccinated.



Mansplaining. Telling me what I already know. You think you know better? You don’t.



Open. Close. Open. Close. Quiet streets. Businesses gone. Arts degrees doubled. Theatre gone. Face-to-face gone.



Pandemic panic. Pasta, produce and paper stolen from the hands of another. Towering trolleys.



Zoom. You’re on mute. Too close. Too dark. No make-up. Ugg boots on. You’re on mute. I’ll schedule it.



A pandemic within a pandemic. Domestic violence. Not safe at home. Nowhere to go. Unable to escape.



Media outlets playing favourites. Reporting the ‘facts’, which aren’t factual. #IstandwithDan


Gross out

Teaching via zoom. Small fingers in noses. Their smile of satisfaction – delicious.



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About Nicole Kelly

Is a teacher, mother, writer and all-round lover of words!


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Like this concept of using a verb and some of its synonyms to create a piece as you have Nicole. Great way to get a message across in a relatively easy manner.

  2. This is a very clever piece, Nicole.

    I am with you on all points apart from the final one. Too gross.

  3. Nicole Kelly says

    Thanks Colin and Smokie – appreciate the feedback! Trying out some new techniques!

    Oh Smokie – I agree… the delicious was clearly from their perspective! Some of the things you see on a classroom zoom! ?

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