Round 22 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: The sublime art of Marcus Bonticelli

Neil Anderson is thankful for all things Bulldogs, not the least of which is the freedom afforded them to be creative. Young Stringer and young Bontempelli are artists at the canvas.

Round 20 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Forever Casting out the Demons

Life-long fan Neil Anderson was at the MCG to his Bulldogs win the 1954 premiership. It has been a barren stretch since then. But maybe it is time for him to abandon his pessimism.

Round 18 – Essendon v Western Bulldogs: Taking the Crameri Out For a Spin

The once stolid Stewart Crameri was in career best form on the weekend. See if you can match motoring puns with Neil Anderson.

Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: Bontification and the renaissance of the Bulldogs

Like a lot of his Western Bulldogs supporting brethren, Neil Anderson senses that something special might be in the air. Viva la Bontification of the kennel!

Round 15 – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast: And the Devil went up to Cairns

What looked disastrous actually turned out OK, as the Dogs stormed home in Cairns. Neil Anderson spent much of the afternoon with the devil.

Round 14 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Laughing on the inside

What happens when Neil Anderson and Peter Fuller decide to catch up at Docklands for the Western Bulldogs and Carlton clash? Read on…

Round 12 – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: Working Dogs or Best in Show

Neil Anderson pays his dues to the Bulldogs’ no-lair policy.

Round 9 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Leaving The Family

Neil Anderson points out that there was more than just four points on the line for the Bulldogs against GWS. It was season defining.

Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: One more mountain to climb

Taking nothing away from St Kilda’s amazing effort, Neil Anderson with the Bulldogs perspective of Saturday’s loss. wonders aloud if selection calls might be burning out the young Pups running brigade.

Round 3 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Mutiny on the Bonty

Neil Anderson recounts the harrowing tale of the good ship The Marcus Bonetmpelli and its crew; and its fateful voyage to Van Diemen’s Land

Round 2 – Richmond v Western Bulldogs: Footscray to Mortlake

Neil Anderson as taken his seat on the Doggies train and ain’t getting off until the destination is reached. This article first appeared in Inside Football, out today.

From Colonial Stadium to Etihad: Fifteen Years of Future Shock

While stressfully cleaning up in preparation for a possible shift, Neil Anderson finds an old newspaper.

Jenkin Footy Boots

Neil Anderson responds to Brett’s comment on first footy boots with some memories of the Jenkins.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: An early photo of KB the Bulldogs fan

Well that’s three things I didn’t know. Thanks to Neil Anderson for telling us (1) that KB barracked for Footscray when he was a kid (2) that KB went to Hawksburn Primary and (3) he’s hardly changed a bit. Ripper photo.

What’s in a name? Plenty if you barrack for Footscray

Neil Anderson was there as Footscray won the VFL flag. It’s been a long time coming, but Footscray are again VFL Premiers in 2014.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers: Warrnambool Technical School 1928 (Premiers)

Neil Anderson has sent in a photo of his father’s premiership side – from 1928. [Classic – Ed]

AFL Round 20 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Graduating with Honours

Shane Warne, Dannii Minogue – neither of them could hold a candle to St Lenny says Neil Anderson.

AFL Round 19 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Under the Lash in Van Diemen’s Land

In this match report of Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs, Neil Anderson looks at the state of football in Tasmania and the history behind the poorer clubs in the AFL.

AFL Round 15 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Bontempelli’s Dream

Neil Anderson ponders authors Alan Marshall and Steven King and artists Bernie Smith and Marcus Bontempelli.

60 Years Is A Long Time In Football

Neil Anderson goes on a journey to find how the Footscray Bulldogs was stamped into his DNA in the 1950’s. And in the process he reconnects with a school mate he hasn’t seen for 50 years.