It’s a New Dawn

Neil Anderson takes a look back at the decades of watching rival football teams success while his Bulldogs suffered. All making the 2016 premiership all the more sweeter.

I thought of you

It’s been a wonderful few months for Doggies’ fans – especially this one, Neil Anderson, who has received many greetings from friends, who say the same thing: “I thought of you.”

Round 15 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Youthful Revolution at the Dogs

Another piece in the Paddy Suggests series, Neil Anderson tells the tale of the lesser-known Western Bulldogs victory over Sydney in 2016, all the way back in round 15. It’s an incredible feeling when one realises how far the Dogs have come since that unlikely victory at the SCG, and the trials the then-embattled Sons of the West undertook.

Grand Final 2016- Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Happy Days

Neil Anderson travelled from his Western District home to the Western Bulldogs’ family day at the Whitten Oval on Sunday, spending a nostalgic time wandering the streets of old Footscray while revelling in his Doggies second flag.

The Bulldog Tragician on Radio

Bulldog Targician Kerrie Soraghan and her sister (they are the Libber sisters) are driving to Sydney for tonight’s game.

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Hallelujah

Hallelujah! The Bont, The Package, and all the Doggies are heading for that “major lift” after their great win over the Hawks according to Neil Anderson.

Ted Whitten and the Cult of Personality

Neil Anderson remembers everything that made up the man “remembered as Mr Football because that’s how big a personality he was”.

Round 23 – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs: Code Purple

It’s all happening for Neil Anderson! Bulldogs, Code Purple, junk food, gallstones and the hospital emergency ward are just another night of footy for Neil.

Round 19 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Confessions of a Footy Addict

Neil Anderson has a confession to make. He’s a footy addict. He opens up here about this debilitating condition.

In praise of Wally Junior

Neil Anderson, like most Bulldog supporters, was deeply affected by Mitch Wallis’ injury. “Thank God for the Almanac to be able to share thoughts when things are grim”, he writes.

Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast: Tarzan! King of the Bulldogs!

According to Neil Anderson, Easton Wood does a mighty Tarzan but who’s his Jane?

Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Neil Anderson ponders the eternal Bulldogs question, why can’t they beat the Cats?

Round 11 – Western Bulldogs v West Coast: Great day at the footy! ‘Playin’ like a bunch of sheilas’ becomes a compliment. And a football legend sighted on the Bulldog Express.

Another big Sunday from the Almanac’s man from Terang, Neil Anderson (you can tell from the title)

Round 9 – Greater Western Sydney v Western Bulldogs: And they call him Dad

Giants put on a master class to subdue the Doggies but it was first gamer Kieran Collins that caught Neil Anderson’s attention.

Round 8 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Nature versus Nurture

Neil Anderson conducts a sociology experiment on the Bulldogs game against Melbourne.

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: If

Neil Anderson and the Doggies meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same.
…A list of Bulldog ‘Ifs’ since 1954.

Book Review: Loose Men Everywhere from Footscray to Oakey – The Parallel Universe of Two Footy Fanatics.

In this review essay of Loose Men Everywhere, Neil Anderson sees strong parallels between his footy life and John Harms’s. [Thanks Neil – JTH]

Round 3 Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn: It was the Best of Times, the Worst of Times the Day the Music Died

To Bulldogs supporter Neil Anderson, the loss of Bob Murphy, a music lover will be missed.

Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Jail-Break

It’s time for the Western Bulldogs to make their own ‘Jail-Break’ and take the leap from mediocre to elite, says Mortlake’s biggest Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson, from his vantage point at the front row of Etihad Stadium.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Mocking Birds

With his Bulldogs out of the 2015 premiership hunt at the hands of an old nemesis, Neil Anderson finds solace in the wisdom of Atticus Finch after the final siren. “They can shoot all the blue-jays they want but remember it is a sin to kill a mocking-bird…”