AFL Round 12 – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: How do I hate thee…let me count the ways

Neil Anderson explores his feelings for the enemy as he considers the lot of the Old Fitzroy and what his own Doggies haven’t been able to do.

AFL Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Carlton Restores Status Quo After Backalley Blue

When your very existence is an act of defiance.

AFL Round 3 – Western Bulldogs: Happy Days Are Here Again…My Liege!

These days are ours, writes Neil Anderson. Or the Bulldogs at least.

Saint Gough’s Day

Neil Anderson expresses his gratitude to Gough Whitlam on the 41st anniversary of the 1972 “It’s Time” election win.

1951 Recruit of the year

A classic bit of football history as Neil Anderson reports on how things were done back in the day – how was EJ Whitten advised of his good fortune by the Bulldogs?

Every Dog has his Day

The ghosts of Charlie Sutton and Teddy Whitten hovered over the Doncaster Playhouse on Saturday night, as Neil Anderson’s one act play “The Devil You Know” took home the chocolates in the National Playwright Competition. There will be a motorcade for Neil around the All Nations Hotel at the next Almanac lunch. And not a dry eye in the house.

Knackers play in finals. McCartney’s Bulldogs on track for finals

Neil Anderson is hoping to crack first place at the National Playwright Competition this year after being selected as a finalist. He thinks the Bulldogs are on track for success too, after hearing Brendan McCartney speak at the club’s presentation night.

I have a dream

Never mind the 2013 finals, Neil Anderson has a vision of the future guaranteed to go straight to the heart of all you Bulldogs supporters. Share his dream.

AFL Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: From bleak house to great expectations

This season started so badly for the Bulldogs and commentators like Stan Alves wrote them off with comments like, “ I think the Bulldogs are in a worse situation than Melbourne”. How things have changed, writes Neil Anderson. (Another ripper from Neil – Ed.)

AFL Round 20 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Learning to beat the Blues

Saturday was a huge turning point for all Bulldog supporters, writes long-time Scragger Neil Anderson. For Neil, it was like a curse has been lifted after Jack Elliott called histeam ‘tragic’ and irrelevant.

AFL Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v West Coast: Sons of the Scray fight back

To be 20 points in front with five minutes to go was bliss for Bulldog supporter Neil Anderson, who has witnessed the Eagles bully his boys far too much over the past 20 years.

AFL Round 15 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: Crunching the numbers

Two teams miles from home meet in Canberra for the greater good of the competition. Meanwhile, clubs at the opposite end of the ladder play in front of 80,000 at the MCG. That’s footy in 2013, writes Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson.

AFL Round 14 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Trying to repeat the past

Neil Anderson was lucky enough to be there when Footscray exorcised those Demons in the 1954 Grand Final, unfortunately they couldn’t quite do it on the weekend. The past simply couldn’t be repeated.

AFL Round 8 – Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs: Frankenstein’s Monster

Playwright Neil Anderson watched a play based on Frankenstein’s Monster before listening to the Western Bulldogs. The similarities are frightening for Bulldogs fans.

AFL Round 4 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: When all else fails, there’s always schadenfreude

It’s amazing how you can rationalize a win for your team as you agonize over your tips each Thursday, writes Neil Anderson.

AFL Round 3 – Richmond v Western Bulldogs: Sophie’s Choice

Neil Anderson wants to join the Tigers on their wild ride but he knows his Bulldogs need him more than ever.

AFL – Round 1: Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: A time of faith, forgiveness…and revenge

Thanks to Dale Morris, Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson felt proud of his boys even before they ran onto the ground. he was euphoric after the final siren.

Which team did you go for after the war, Grand-dad?

Writing dialogue between a grandfather and his grandson jolted Neil Anderson into thinking about events of sixty years ago and the changes to VFL/AFL in that time. How do you explain that to a child?

Comment: Inevitable

Neil Anderson has noticed a few things on the telly over the past week.

Knacker bags play award

Neil Anderson with some news on these national awards.