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Neil Anderson Burwood HS footy team 2 (2)

Brett was asking for information about Jenkin Footy Boots today.

All the memories of first footy boots came flooding back with that article. It’s true what the Danihers’ father (Jim) said to his sons: even if you can’t play that well, at least look like a footballer.

That about summed up my football career. But I did have my highly polished Jenkin footy boots circa 1960. Oh how we polished those boots the night before a big match (probably inter-school) and I particularly remember cleaning the yards of laces with the stuff we used on our Dunlop Volley tennis shoes.

Of course it was the days of nailed-in stops which we showed the umpire as we lined up before each match. There must have been a few dodgy stops that passed the inspection because as someone said previously, there was a lot of damage done to shins during the match.

I did intend to send this Burwood High School photo as part of the ‘old woollen jumpers’ stories but I have combined it with the ‘first boots article’. I haven’t got any more information on Jenkin boots Brett, but I think you’ll find a lot of them on display in the photo.

That’s me third from the right bottom row. From memory I was first picked each time…as the nineteenth man, but it didn’t worry me as long as I got in the photo. No-one went on to play AFL that I can recall. Max Scales on the top row far left was a football-manager at Richmond and Lenny Boyd bottom row far left played for Camberwell in Second Division VFL. Graeme Bond ex-Richmond and current 3AW reporter was at the school a few years after me.


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  1. G’day Neil,

    As a new footy fan, it’s interesting to read about footy stories in old days. I think many junior sport players want branded stuffs in modern days (even if when I was a boy).

    What is the reason why you polished footy boots before the big match?

    As I had never played footy and am not sure if I will do in the future or not, I would love to read your story of playing footy.

    Thanks :)


  2. Neil Anderson says

    Thanks for the comment Yoshi. Polishing the boots before a big match had a lot to do with the belief that you could always ‘ look’ like a smartly attired footballer even if you didn’t exactly star on the field.
    I had a chuckle regarding your comment about being interested in football in the old days. Until someone like yourself reminds me of how long ago my school-football was, I don’t think of that time as the ‘ olden-days’ as my children would say. I guess I’m still in denial, but at least I have many years of football memories to write about.
    This small anecdote from 1960 gives you an idea of how much football meant to us kids growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne during the 1950s and 60s. You are so removed from that background and yet you continue to amaze us Almanackers with your knowledge and your passion for AFL.

  3. Thanks Neil for telling me about polishing footy boots before the big match. It’s a kind of psychological game, isn’t it? I understand the concept!

    It’s shame for me that I was not able to feel about footy in the way which you have experienced. But I still want to go to a game to feel special atmosphere for me.

    Thanks for your compliment on what I have been doing :)


  4. Neil, I wonder if the great Graeme “Jerker” Jenkin is related to the founder of the Jenkin Boot Company. Perhaps Jezza was wearing Jenkin boots when he used Jerker as a stepladder during the 1970 Grand Final.

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