Old (woollen) footy jumpers: Warrnambool Technical School 1928 (Premiers)


Neil Anderson - Ron Anderson footy team 1928


Hi John,

Here is a contribution for the old woollen jumpers. Y

This photo of my father and the Warrnambool Tech School footy team, taken the year before the Depression officially started, is a good example of the austerity of the times.

For young Almanackers under fifty note how plain the old woollen jumpers were. Back in their day there were none of your fancy sashes, yokes or emblems on the breast! There was hardly enough money for a decent collar!

The six degrees of separation for me as a Doggy supporter goes something like this:

My father Ron, pictured (far left in the third row), as the oldest of ten, left the dairy farm in Allansford and went to Melbourne to find work in 1929.

He worked in Footscray and lived in Footscray until 1956.

In 1954 he took his young son (me) to see the Bulldogs win the Grand Final. He then lost interest in the fate of the Bulldogs as he concentrated on building a new house for his family in Burwood and unfortunately was then confronted with his wife (my mother) being stricken with cancer.

So I was the one left to ponder the more trivial things, such as the fate over the years of my beloved Bulldogs.

I’ve often wondered about the fickle finger of fate if Dad had settled in Hawthorn instead of Footscray. Until 1961 Hawthorn was as unsuccessful as Footscray but of course they made up for it from the 1970’s onwards.

Now I’m back living near Warrnambool where my father started his journey and watch the Bulldogs in high-definition colour where there is no shortage of brightly-coloured sashes and yokes on jumpers. Unfortunately the jumpers are also now covered with advertising logos.

In a world full of colour I’m glad I was introduced firstly to the red, white and blue. It could easily have been the drab brown and gold of Hawthorn.  Besides there’s far more interesting material to come up with for the Almanac when you barrack for the Doggies.


Neil Anderson



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Enjoys reading and writing about the Western Bulldogs. Instead of wondering if the second premiership will ever happen, he can now bask in the glory of the 2016 win.


  1. Very interesting Neil. Do you know the league they played in and the teams they played against?

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Unfortunately my father never talked about his footy playing days so it’s only now as we sort through old photos that we find these gems. So it’s a bit like an episode of ‘where do I come from’ as we trawl through old photos and records. At least the photo is clearly dated and the names thankfully written in by an Aunt who realized the importance of doing so for her descendents.
    I would guess that Warrnambool Tech played against schools in Hamilton (they would just about need an overnighter) as well maybe Camperdown and Terang. The high-school in Warrnambool was also up and going by then so they would possibly be one of their opponents.
    Thanks for your interest djlitsa.

  3. Beautiful picture Neil, a gem as you say.
    It’s fascinating just to read through the names…. Mort, Clarrie, Raleigh…and does that say Garnet Garvey? What a great name.

  4. Neil Anderson says

    Thanks for your comments Kate.
    I too am fascinated by names from different eras. One of the most enjoyable parts of writing a play is coming up with the right names for characters from the right era that can also suit their personality.
    You know you’re getting old when your own name is never used anymore. Someone pointed out recently on the Almanac that there is not one Neil ion the AFL lists today. I don’t think my father’s name Ron would appear either.
    But you would think a spunky name like Garnet would appear somewhere to go with the Jaegers, Jordies and umpteen spellings of Jarrad.

  5. Frank Gleeson says

    If my memory is correct, Warrnambool Tech wore hawthorn jumpers in the 60’s and 70’s

  6. Neil Anderson says

    Not too sure about jumpers from that era. Just asked my non-sporty wife who taught there in early 2000’s and she thought they may have been a bottle-green colour.
    The school is now called Brauer Colllege after they combined with the Warrnambool North Tech.
    I am guessing with your name you could be a local with inside knowledge.

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